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"Turn your music down! What the fuck is your problem?!" I screamed through the window.

"Maybe he only understands Spanish and can't understand your English-o." Beth said.

I rolled my eyes and giggled a bit.

"Or maybe he can't speak English, just Idiot-o." I added.

Beth shrugged and snickered a bit.

"So does he do that usually?" Beth asked.

She was talking about Dillon and how he was blasting the most ear bleeding music.

It actually hurt my ears.

"Yes, he does." I said to her.

"What?" Beth asked. Of course she couldn't hear me.


Right at that moment a piercing scream from the music almost made me loose my goddamn balance.

Now I'm really pissed.

"Come on." I grabbed Beth's hand and forced her down the stairs with me and we walked right next door.

Dillon's parents were out with my mom and her boyfriend. I don't know why they went out on a Tuesday night but its a good thing they wouldn't hear me yelling at Dillon and calling him every offensive name in the book.

I knocked on the door and Michelle answered, with a smile.

"Hey Michelle!" I smiled. "This is my best friend Beth." I pointed at Beth and she gave Michelle a small smile.

"Hi!" Michelle smiled. "Are you guys here to hang out with me?" She looked really excited and I felt bad when I told her I was there to speak to her brother.

"Oh. Well he's in his room." She said with a little frown.

"Also, your parents didn't hire a babysitter?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah they did. She said she'd be back from the bathroom in a minute...but that was 10 minutes ago." Michelle said sitting on the couch.

I looked at Beth with an "uh-oh" look and she returned one.

We hurried upstairs to where Dillon's door was, but the weird thing was, from outside the door it would seem as if Dillon was sitting inside his room reading the whole Harry Potter series.

"What the hell." Beth and I both muttered.

Being the stupid idiots we were we just threw open the door and the loud music pretty much slapped us in the face and Dillon and some busty blonde girl, who definitely wasn't the Nicki girl he was seeing, jumped up, half naked might I add, from his bed.


"What the fuck!" Dillon yelled. His face immediately turned red- from embarrassment, maybe anger, I actually don't know.

"U-um." Was I all said.

The blonde girl, which im pretty sure is the baby sitter, was only in black tights and a bra. She quickly grabbed her top and fixed her hair. I could tell she was embarrassed.

"Dead beat babysitter." I heard Beth mutter.

I snorted a bit.

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