The Prelude

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You ever had a long-term friendship..? And by long-term I mean like babies-in-diapers to grown-ass women... OR men... Well that's what I have with my best friend.

My best friend and I have known each other since we were kids.... I mean, not "babies-in-diapers" but very close. We grew up on the island of Barbados.... Saint Michael for your information... Then when my best friend was 15 she left Barbados to persue a career in music. Her first single was "Pon De Replay" and she released her first album, "Music Of The Sun." After this my bestie had released 8 studio-albums, has sold over 200 Million records and became a Global-sensation!

You're probably wondering who this "best friend," of mine is.... Well she was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, I know her as Robyn but you may know her as the singer Rihanna.

I bet your next question would be "Who the fuck is this crazy bitch that's "claiming" Rihanna is her best friend..?" Right...? Well there's no doubt that I'm crazy but I'm not a liar..... Its true that Rihanna is my bestfriend. You see I bet you have seen me in many pictures with her smiling, watching basketball games, smoking weed, on Snapchat, at events etc. But my name to you has probably most likely been unknown.

Let Me Introduce Myself.....

My name is Melissa.., Melissa Forde to be exact... But you can call me Mel, Meli or even MDollas, considering the fact that's my Instagram name.. Follow me @mdollas11... Anyways, I am the best friend of the Pop-sensation Rihanna, I'm also her photographer and I model too. I'm very sweet, goofy and fun but don't get it twisted I'm nothing to fuck with... Especially!?! Over my best friend she's like my sister and I love that girl to death.

Now you're probably wondering "Why the fuck are we reading a story about you?" Well because you are motherfucker! 😂 Plus I have a problem and this shit is fucking with me BAD! Now I have mentioned to you who my best friend was, who I am but I never told you my problem..... Well I have a confession to make....

I'm secretly in-love with my best friend Robyn Rihanna Fenty...

Now I know what you're thinking now.... "Melissa you're gay!?!" The answer to that question is what I'm still trying to figure out... For now all I know is that I'm gay for Rih okay?

Before we get into the story there's something you must know.... Which is no one knows about my "secret" love for her.... And by "secret" I mean.... Its pretty obvious but no one suspects a thing. All they say is "you know how Mel is.." or "they're just best friends having some fun.." But to me its not just fun.... It's love and I know she would never feel the same because we're best friends. Always have, always will be.....

Anyways, let's get going with this fucked up story about how I'm helplessly in love with my best friend. I know you've seen many movies and shows about this kind of thing... Buhh not this shit. So prepare your popcorn, heat up your tea and maybe add some lemon 🐸☕🍋 cuz this shit is gonna be good and ooo, also I may suggest bringing some Tylenol because this shit right here might give you a headache😓.... M.F. out *yes my initials are motherfucker get over it.*

Hey Guys, how do you like Melissa so far..? 🙊
How do you think the story is gonna go? 👀🔎
I'd love to hear your opinions so let me know.. Ok? 😊💕
Also add me on Snapchat: @thetrillest_xo 😘✌

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