Chapter 23: sick days and birthdays.

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February 28, 2016.
7:30 am.
Jaylie's POV;
Tomorrow is my birthday.
It's also daddy birthday.
I was still in bed thinking about what I wanted for my birthday.
All of a sudden I felt sick.
My stomach and head hurt.
I got up and ran to the bathroom. I puked up blood. I started crying. I tried calling for daddy but nothing came out of my mouth.

Justin's POV:
I was sleeping in my bed when I heard puking noises.
I was in sweat pants. Sagging of course.
I got up and rushed to Jaylie's bathroom.
I held her hair while she puked up blood.
She was done tossing her cookies after 30 minutes.
I sat her in bed and called dr. Jones.
He said that because Jaylie may be so sick, dr. Jones would come to our house because the car ride would be bumpy and would make her feel even worse.
I gave him the address and he was at my doorstep within two minutes.
Wow that's fast.

Dr. Jones POV: (yay new point of view)

I walked into Justin's house and let's just say, it's beautiful! The living room has all white couches and
The most biggest flat screen TV you could ever imagine.
There were multiple other doors too.
Maybe I'll sneak around later.
I've gotta see what's going on with Jaylie.
Justin led me to Jaylie's room. Jaylie was laying down in her bed on her phone, scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. Taking sick selfies along the way.
She looked really sick.
As i walked in, Jaylie got up and ran into the bathroom.
She was throwing up.
Justin ran over and put her hair into a high messy bun.
There was blood everywhere.
Jaylie was done puking and she lay down in her bed.
I smiled.
"Hello" she said groggily
"Hi Jaylie. It's great to see you again." I said.
I sat on her bed and I started examining her.
I explained that Jaylie must have had a severe reaction to the medicine that we gave her for pain after her surgeries.
She's throwing up because she needs to get it out of her system.
I told Justin and Jaylie that she needed rest and if she needs to throw up then just let her get it out.
It should be out by later this evening. I told Justin to call me if it doesn't.
I told Jaylie she can go to hockey if she's up for it, but she may have to skip practice today.
Jaylie's eyes widened.
"But if I miss this practice, I won't have enough practices left until my first match." She said sadly.
I looked at her.
"I'm so sorry, but it's only if your up to it."
Justin gave me Jaylie's medical records.
I looked over them and nodded.
"Happy Birthday Jaylie."
She smiled.
"Oh and you too Justin."
I said.
Justin nodded and led me out of his house. I walked back to the car and headed to the hospital.

Jaylie's POV:
Daddy was making me still do school.
It was fun though.
I made a paper crane.
I felt a little bit better.
I really wanna go to hockey tonight. I only have 5 days which means 4 practices left until my next qualifier match.
I was done with school so i started to make my birthday list.
1. A piano
2. Phone cases
3. A big blanket.
4. A new hockey stick
5. A mom

Time skip:

Justin's POV:
Jaylie was up for hockey but as soon as she got out on the ice she threw up.

Jaylie sat out on the bleachers and watched

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Jaylie sat out on the bleachers and watched.
We left a little early because Jaylie was getting bored.
We went out for Starbucks.
That was really the only thing that she seemed to keep down.
It was the only thing she ate all day.
Hopefully she will be better tomorrow.

Next morning

Jaylie's POV:
I was super sleepy. I heard daddy come in.
"Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to you"
I opened my eyes.
I said.
"Oh and uh... You too I guess." He said chuckling.
" you feeling better?" He asked.
I nodded.
"Good" he said and set a caramel  mocha latte from Starbucks on my nightstand.  There were also some presents down on the floor too. I opened them.
I opened the next one.
A gigantic blanket.
I got what I asked for.
"I got something else for you too." Dad said as he gestured me to get out of bed and follow him.
I got up out of my bed only to see swept off my feet and into daddy's strong muscular arms.
I looked at his drawn on arms and traced some tattoos. I saw some and wondered what the heck he was thinking when he got them.
We arrived in the garage where there were multiple cars. I saw a new one.
"You got me a car?"
I asked curiously.
"But I'm only 7. I still have-"
I counted on my fingers.
" 8 more years before I can drive. "
"That's not for you honey. That's my birthday present from Jaxon." He explained.
"I saw your birthday list and so I got you this."
He pulled out this huge purple grand piano that had the purpose tour logo on the top.
He also gave me a big heavy book with all of his songs in them and how to play them.
He also gave me another book with all of Taylor's songs in them and so I could play them too.

We spent all morning figuring out how to play the piano.
I picked up on it really fast.
Soon, I was able to play
"Purpose" and " Life Is Worth Living" without any help.


Daddy had invited all of my friends and family over for lunch and a celebration.

It was amazing.
We swam in the pool in the back yard, we ate pizza, we opened more presents.
Then it was daddy's turn to celebrate his birthday. He opened his presents and we ate snow cones, played air hockey on my new air hockey machine, we swam some more. We even made Macaroons.  By the time everyone was gone, it was almost 8:30.
All my friends from hockey are spending the night at my house.
We did late night swimming. Daddy brought out glow sticks and other glowing things that we could use.
We put goggles on and we searched for the glow things.
After that, we all went inside and ate a midnight snack.
Yes, we were  swimming for 5 hours straight.
Then we went to my room and jammed out to One Direction.
Daddy came into the room and told us we have to be quieter because he has to go to the Today Show tomorrow morning for an interview. He's also performing.
We turned off the music and got out our phones and did a snapchat live stream with dads fans.
Then we told ghost stories in the dark with out flashlights.
By 4:30am, we were all halfway asleep so we turned off the flashlights and plugged in our phones and went to sleep.

1211 words in this chappie.

That's all I have to say.

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