I start to move my backpack to it's normal place behind my back when I see West leaning against the wall just next to the door. When he sees me, he pushes off the wall and walks towards me.

I cock my head, "What are you doing here?"

He smirks, "I asked your brother if I could drive his dear sister home since we have a lesson."

I raise a brow. "And he said yes?"

West nods, "I wouldn't be standing here if he hadn't."

I resist the urge to roll my eyes at him and start walking down the hall towards the parking lot. West falls into step next to me, and I take a small moment to glance at his lack of a leather jacket.

In it's place is nothing but a short sleeve, white t-shirt with a pair of black aviators hanging off the collar. He's wearing jeans as he always is, but in replace of the boots are a pair of maroon Converse. He wasn't at lunch this afternoon and came in late to English, so I haven't really seen him much today.

I try not to stare too long at his arms, for with the short sleeve shirt they are out for all to see. I haven't seen West wear anything but long sleeve shirts before now, due to the cold weather that associates itself with the month of November here in Chicago.

Today, however, is abnormally warm for November. The temperature got up to 75 degrees, where it's usually been in the mid 50's. Most people at our school are wearing Summer clothes today.

His white t-shirt fits his frame perfectly, just tight enough around his arms to be desirable but not too much to make him seem full of himself; even if he is. His arms are larger than the average teenager from his no doubt vigorous workout routine, but they aren't so muscular to where it's overbearing. I look down at his tattoo that I've completely disregarded every time I see him, but now curiosity drives through me as I stare at it.

"Sunshine, do I have to get your phone out for you so that you can take a picture?" West asks, and my eyes trail up to his face holding his ever so famous smirk.

I look away as a blush threatens to rise on my cheeks. God dammit I was staring.

We reach his Jeep and I get in, throwing my stuff in the back. He starts it up, and almost instantly an Eagles song starts playing at full blast. I jump in my seat at the sudden burst of noise and try to calm my heart as he turns it down.

"Sorry..." He mutters, backing out of his parking place. "I was listening to it this morning."

"You like the Eagles?" I ask, almost instantly recognizing the song as Life In The Fast Lane.

West glances down at me as I sign, and after a short second or two of him putting together what I asked, he nods. "My favorite band. You know them?"

I nod my response, and I see his eyebrows shoot up in approval. An impressed smile fills his lips rather than a smirk.

"I'm impressed, Sunshine. How do you know them?" He asks, pulling out of the school lot.

I get out my phone and start typing my explanation into my notes.

'My father always used to make Toby and I listen to his classic rock CD's. The Eagles were one of his favorites, so he played their songs more than the others. I started to love them, along with others.'

I only pass West my phone when he reaches a stop light. He reads over it and nods, his small, impressed smile sticking.

"Favorite song?" He asks as the light turns green.

I bite my lip in contemplation and look down to see the CD case in the cup holder between us. I reach down and take it, glancing over the list of songs. When I spot my favorite, I reach over to the car radio and flip through the songs until I hear it.

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