Chapter 28 | Strenght

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"And why not, lad?"

"Because kissing on the mouth is for adults!"

Emma looked at Killian right when he looked at her, he smirked, she rolled her eyes.

"You know lad, you don't have to kiss her on the mouth to show her you love her."

"Ew no! I don't love Robyn!"

"Yeah, yeah, little heart breaker, now go wash your hands. Dinner's ready." Emma said, closing his coloring book and throwing it to the couch on the living room.


Liam was doing his night shift at some bar called "Jewel Of The Realm" like Killian had told her, so it would be just the three of them that night.

When they finished dinner, Emma led Neal to the living room and turned the TV on to him and then she helped cleaning the table. He wasn't really familiar to the house and she understood he wasn't that comfortable. Even she wasn't.

"We have Disney Channel if he wants." Killian said when she walked back to the kitchen.

"Yeah he'll be entertained with Jake and the Neverland Pirates for an hour, I guess."

He chuckled.

Since he was already washing the dishes in the sink, she placed them in the dishwasher.

"So, kissing is for adults then?"

She rolled her eyes and kept doing what she was doing.

"What is it?" He asked her. "You've been quiet tonight."

"I'm just worried... About my father. He's in their house right now. He's gonna pack our things, sleep there even. What if she tells him something that changes his mind?"

"I think your father has a strong mind now, after what happened to you. It scared him."

"Yeah, you're right. I'll just call him later, ask him how are things."

"He'll like that." He dried his hands on a towel. "You still plan on choosing crime for your future? Even after getting shot?"

"Of course. If anything, this helped me to decide even more that I wanna defeat the bad guys." She said, nodding her head.

"Emma Swan, the Savior." He mocked at her and chuckled, his eyes narrowing on her.

"Can I go take a shower?"

"Of course, love. I'll go get you a towel."



She really didn't want to, but she did imagine him here, taking a shower.

It really smelled like him, she loved that.

She reached for the shampoo- man shampoo. There wasn't any other so guess she was going to smell like him for a day. Not that it was a bad thing, though. It was kinda like an excuse for something that she already planned on doing.

She cleaned herself, carefully with her arm where her waterproof bandage was. She'd have to change it after her shower.

Once done, she stepped out and wrapped herself in the white towel he had given her.

She dried herself and dressed her pajamas in there too.

She walked out, hair still semi-wet and went to the living room where she had left her bag which had the bandages.

Neal was already asleep, his feet on Killian's lap whose eyes were focused on the television, a confused look on his face.

"You know Swan, these cartoons are actually bloody fantastic. See there? Jake and his team just got 10 gold doubloons!"

"Right." She laughed. "How old are you? I forgot."

"18 I'm sure."

She reached down to her bag to get the box with painkillers and the bandages.

She sat on the floor, looking down at her left arm and the wet dressing around her wound.

"Need help with that?"


He came to her, kneeling down and reaching for the box. He easily took one bandage and patiently waited for her to rip out the one on her arm.

"Want my advice? Don't look." She said when she saw him making a face.
But he looked anyway.

"That looks painful."

"It is."

He unfolded the clean bandage and placed it on the right place on her arm, his eyebrows raising in a teasing way when she looked up at him.

"You can go sleep on my bedroom with Neal. I already placed there new pillows."

"I-I thought we were sleeping on your father's room, or couch."

"Trust me, Emma, my father's room is kind of scary. The lad would much rather sleep in Killan's cozy bed."

"Of course." She rolled her eyes. "And where are you going to sleep?"

"Well since your father told me to 'not touch my daughter or I'll kill you' I guess I have to sleep on my father's bedroom."

"Oh my God." She laughed. "Are you sure? We can just trade rooms."

"Yes. Go to sleep, Emma. It's past bed time."

She got up, a silly smile on her face, because gosh did this man really exist? How could he be so perfect?

"Neal, kiddo, let's go to bed."


"I'll take him."

"I would but I really can't. Thanks." She shrugged looking down at her arm.
She needed to take that painkiller now.

He pulled him up in bridal style and left the room.

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