An Unexpected Visit

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School was a nightmare for you the next day. No backpack meant no homework to turn in, which also meant earning a zero in most of your classes for the day. Luckily, your teachers gave you three days to hand the work in, if you could find your backpack again. Your classes were a major pain. You didn't have your science or your history books and when the time came to take notes, you had to keep asking your teacher or your friend, (y/f/n), for a spare pencil and paper. You were so relieved when the clock struck 3:00, and you got on the bus home. You were home alone when you entered the house. Your parents work until 6:00 and sometimes they come home later, so you were free to do whatever. First off, you finished your homework and started working on the dirty dishes. Once you finished drying and putting them away, you sank down on the couch and turned on the TV and watched (favorite show) as you began to relax. After awhile your mind began to trial off as you started thinking about your backpack.
What if it's not even there? What if someone stole it? I'm so doomed if that happened! You hurried your face in your hands and groaned as you thought about it.
You were just about to go to your room and get your jacket to go get your backpack back just as you heard a knock at the living room window.
You groaned. "Ugh! For cryin' out loud, if it's another brainless pigeon-"
Before you could finish your sentence, you opened the drapes to reveal Leonardo standing outside, looking startled after you pulled the drapes so quickly.
You couldn't help but let a smile cross your face as you opened the window. He leaned forward and folded his arms on the window sill.
"Hey (y/n)."
"Leo, what are you doing here?" You asked surprised.
Leo grinned as he threw your backpack over the window sill. "I believe you dropped this last night."
"MY BACKPACK!" You squeaked as you scooped you backpack up in your arms. "Leo, thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so worried somebody took it!"
Leo chuckled as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, after I dropped you off, I knew you left it back in the alley so I picked it up and held onto it for you."
"That was sweet of you Leonardo."
You saw his cheeks immediately turn red and you giggled. You thought he looked so cute when he was bashful. ya wanna come in and hang out a while?" You asked as innocently as you could.
Leo froze. Not entirely sure of what to say, he stared at you nervously. "Are-are you sure (y/n)?"
"Totally, my parents work till 6:00, and I'm usually home alone and bored outta my mind anyway."
You knew Leo unsure about it as he leaned in the window sill with his hand over his mouth in thought. His finally looked up at you and smiled. "I guess it wouldn't hurt...but only for a while."
You cheered internally. YES!
You motioned for him to come it. He crawled inside and stepped into your living room and looked around. "Your place looks very nice."
"Thanks, it's my mom's décor." You smiled brightly at him, only for him to turn away with a shy smirk
You offered him a seat on the couch and headed to the kitchen.
"You want anything to drink Leo?"
"Do you like Mountain Dew?"
Not even two seconds after he answered you, you already grabbed him a cold bottle as you handed it to him and he gladly excepted it. You sat next to him as you snuggled into to cushions. The two of you talked for most of the time. You had so may questions for him. Leo eventually told you the truth about his existence. He explained how he and his three brothers were once normal box turtles that were experimented on by Dr. Sacks, who you knew was a freaking Crack-Pot, and how they turned into what they are now. You sat there listening intently and in disbelief. You were astounded by this.
You exhaled. "Wow...So, you have three brothers?"
Leo chuckled as he leaned back on the couch with his arms behind his head. "Yep, and they can be a major pain in my neck."
You giggled, "That's the whole point of family Leo. If you can't torment your loved ones then why have 'em fight?"
Both of you laughed. You enjoyed his company a lot. You felt like you could tell him anything and everything. As you talked, you found out how much you had in common. You found out he enjoys doing martial arts and loves pizza. Though you couldn't help but feel a bit awkward, you felt so comfortable around him but you only met him last night...and it wasn't even the whole night.
You face palmed yourself. UGH! What the hell is wrong with me!
After a while you ran out of things to talk about. You reluctantly reached over the coffee table and grabbed the remote.
"Ya in the mood for a movie?"
Leo shrugged, "Sure."
After a while of scrolling through Netflix, you finally picked something interesting and started watching it. Not even halfway through the movie, you glanced over at Leo. It looked like he'd lost interest. You tilted your head to see his face. He looked...sad.
You okay Leo?"
He turned to you with uncertainty in his eyes but gave you a slight nod and smiled. "Yeah, I'm alright (y/n)'s just..."
You hunched over and listened to what he was going to say.
"...Why are you doing this?"
You were taken aback a little by his question. "What do you mean?"
"Inviting me in, offering me a drink, just hanging out...why?"
You looked at him a bit confused. "Well, isn't that what friends do?"
Leo's eyes widened as he looked at you with his mouth half open. "You-you think of me as a friend?"
"Yes, what makes you think you wouldn't be?"
Leo hunched over, resting his arms on his legs as he looked back at the floor. You couldn't really tell what he was thinking, it looked like he was going through mixed emotions. He sighed, sounding a little downcast.
"Cause, b-because...I'm different."
You scoffed and rolled your eyes at him teasingly, "Ah yes. Cause you're a big talkin' turtle that wears a blue bandana and is a bad ass with katanas...So?"
"I'm just a freak."
His response was surprising to you. You couldn't believe what you were hearing. Yes, he was a mutated turtle who was trained as a ninja. To you, that sounded awesome, but you never saw him as a freak.
Does he really think I feel that way about him?
You gave him a sympathetic smile and rested your hand on his shoulder, making him flinch and look at you.
"I don't think you're a freak Leo. " You assured him in a soft voice. "Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with you or your brothers, and I never met them yet." You chuckled at that last part.
You heard a soft chuckle escape from him as well and made you smile.
You nodded. "I don't judge people for what they look like Leo, it's the personality that matters, and ever since you saved me, I want you to know I never saw you as a freak of nature. Your someone who has feelings and you have a very kind personality."
Leo sat up as a bright smile spread across his face. You love his smile and you were happy you brought it back.
He chuckled, "Well you'd be the first human to say that, but thank you."
Without knowing what you were doing, you suddenly pulled Leo into a gentle hug. As realization hit you you immediately pulled away to see Leo madly blushing. You felt your own cheeks heat up as you started to blush too. You lowered your head and stayed in silence for a moment before you spoke again.
He looked down at you, but to your surprise he started smiling. You shyly smile back, still embarrassed about the sudden hug. He chuckled at your shyness just as he placed a hand on your back, which made you stare up at him.
"It's alright." He assured you in a gentle tone that quickly mad you relax as he rubbed your back. You gave him a cheerful grin.
You both finished out the movie until it was time for Leonardo to leave. You escorted him to the window as it turned to you with a wide smile.
"Well, this was enjoyable (y/n). We'll have to do it again some time."
You laughed. "Count on it!"
He laughed at your ironic choice of words as he crawled out the window, but suddenly stopped. "One more thing before I leave."
He handed you a small piece of paper. "If you need me or anything, just give me a ring."
He jumped off the balcony and was out of sight in seconds. You looked at the piece of paper in your hands and opened it up to reveal a phone number...his phone number. You slightly laughed to yourself as you stared dreamily out over the street.

Should I keep going? Hopefully I'm doing okay for my first scenario story. :) If you like it so far, I'll continue on to the next chapter.

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