Party time!!!

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"Gerald are you almost ready?!" I asked my boyfriend." Yeah. Let's go!" He yelled back. I quickly grabbed my lipstick putting some on then jogged downstairs to find him standing by the door.

 I quickly grabbed my lipstick putting some on then jogged downstairs to find him standing by the door

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"Well you look adorable." I said." You look beautiful." He said kissing my lips." Ready to go?" G asked." Yep." I smiled and he held the door open for me, we drove to my friend's house where they were holding a party. The door opened as soon as he knocked on the door," Hey you guys made it! Yay! Come on in, there's drinks, some snacks, wine, beer, soda, oh and also there's lots of pizza so dig in." She let us in her house then we grabbed some pizza eating it quickly. One of G-eazy's songs came on, everyone looked at Gerald and smiled. He smiled back then glared at me from the corner of his eyes. I rubbed his shoulder," It's ok the song's almost over babe." Gerald forced a smile then looked away. Finally, for what seemed like three years, the song ended. A girl walked up to Gerald, she seemed slutty." Do you want to dance with me?" The girl was wearing the shorts that show your ass and a peach colored tank top." Um..." Gerald looked at me, I sighed forcing a nod," Sure." He said standing up. The girl grabbed his hand tightly forcing him to the dance floor. He danced a little, of course I was jealous. She started to rub her ass against his dick. Ok seriously she's taking it way too far, she's basically grinding on him. I jumped up from the couch and walked up to the girl who was rubbing herself against him. I tapped on her shoulder, she looked at me," I'm sorry but please stop trying to have sex with my boyfriend on the dance floor." "And what are you goin to do about it?" She asked." Um excuse me?" "What the fuck are you going to do about it?" She shoved me." Hey I asked nicely! Even though I'm about to punch you, so you better get the hell away from him." "No you're too ugly and fat to be with him anyway. I wonder why he chose you. There's much more prettier girls than you." "You bitch! I'm not ugly or fat all I am is not a slut but I think you are." "Ok girls calm down alright?" Gerald said putting his hand on our shoulder." Fi-" "No I'm not leaving this bitch alone. You belong with me not her!" She shoved me down starting to punch me in the face. People started to try and pull her off but she just kept punching me hard. I finally managed to push her off of me and shove to her to the ground. My friend came over and the music stopped." Amber get away!" "No!" She yelled." Amber get the fuck away from my home!" Amber screamed in anger then ran away. I wiped the blood off my chin then looked at Gerald who looked really worried. He pulled me into a tight hug," I'm so sorry for letting that bitch attack you." "Baby it's ok. Let's have a good time now ok?" "Ok." He smiled then kissed my lips one last time before the music played again and we danced and had a good time.

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