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Quick Note- Just saying this is my first ever Story,I would love feedback and any tips! Lafayette is my Bae and I'm sharing him just for you guys (・ω・)ノEnjoy the Story!
You heard a soft knock at your Door. "(y/n)! Are you up? Your Father told me to get you ready for the day" Your Maid Lillian told you, as you rubbed your eyes and stepped out your bed. You gave a soft "ok" in response and headed to your closet as you grabbed a royal blue gown. Once you were ready you brushed your hair,and headed down the stairs. You glanced across the room , but something caught your eye. You saw a Afro of brown curls. The brown curls began to bounce as a Head turned around. It had brown eyes,and gorgeous Lips. You blushes as you spoke "Hello. I'm (y/n). You sir?" . The Boy cleared his throat and spoke " J'mepple Lafayette. It's how do you say, nice to me you Mrs." He had the thickest cutest French accent. You smiled at Lafayette as you curtsied. He blushed and looked away. Your father began to speak " (y/n) Lafayette will be taking you to Mrs. Schuyler's house." He walked into his study and shut his door as he chuckled.

IM SORRY IF THIS IS HORRIBLE PLEASE FORGIVE ME. This is all for chapter one but I will be updating daily or even sooner then that! Thanks for reading!
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