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Running over the paris rooftops I Jumped forward feeling the breeze hit me as I defied gravity. With a quick somersault, I landed gracefully on the roof top.

Stoping, I looked up at the moon thinking about How unusually quiet it was today. Normally there is a villain every day keeping me very busy. However, today gave off an eerie silence of mystery.

I came out here looking out for action, but the streets remained ominous and quiet. Perhaps ladybug took care any villains before the media even got their hands on the story.

With a last glance at the moon reflecting in my bright green eyes, I began running home leaping over roofs once more.

In the dark street below a red and black scarf with a ladybug pattern caught my eye. A figure cloaked in black, wearing this scarf bolted down the street in the direction of the eiffel tower.

My house was the opposite direction, but something drew me towards them. I followed them until they reached the eiffel tower. They bent down picking the door lock and went in through the doors slamming the door behind them.

Normally I would leave mundane crime to the cops, but since I was bored I climbed up the tower when I heard the door above the tower open with a bang and the pounding of footsteps against the ground.

I quickly climbed up when I heard a small click with my sensitive cat ears. A light shined up to the sky with the cat symbol on my ring gleaming brightly against the dark night sky.

I finished climbing up the tower, swinging myself over the gate behind the cloaked figure. I kept thinking about why a person would send a signal like that and how they knew what my ring looked like.

As I walked up behind the cloaked figure I could hear sobbing and a faint dripping sound. The figure fell to the ground dropping her flashlight. that had black tape over it in the shape of a paw print. The flash light rolled over to me tapping my foot.

The cloaked figure rolled over looking up at me with shining eyes that held only one thing in their blue abyss, fear. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying and her face was stained with tears.

She tried pushing herself up but stumbled back down clutching her stomach. I walked over and bent down to meet her eyes asking, "What's wrong who did this to you Marinette?"

She shook her head in disbelief, "You remembered my name?"

"Why would I not, I make it a priority to remeber ever pretty girls name!" I said with a smirk on my face.

A quick blush fell over her pale and sickly face before I saw her swaying dizzily. I asked her "You never answered my question, what's wrong?"

She looked down and muttered "everything" until she coughed up a couple of crimson dots of blood into her hand. She motioned me closer and whispered into my ear, "You also know me as lady bug.... and I need your help to get my miraculous back... as well as... these wounds."

She moved her cape to the side revealing a gash on her stomach and leg that bled a pool of blood on the ground around her staining the torn white dress she wore.

She tried to push herself but ended up falling down. With my quick reflexes I caught her, letting her limp body fall gently into my arms.

All I could think about was that ladybug was marinette. To think the two people I fell for are one in the same. And yet I might lose both in the same night.

I ran my finger through her silky midnight blue hair and whispered, "I would do anything for you".

I removed her heavy black cloak and took her ladybug patterned scarf and used it as a tourniquet for her leg to stop the bleeding.

I picked her up bridal style and leapt from the tower down to the roof tops heading back to my house. If I brought her to a hospital they would ask questions and if I brought her back to her house her parents might kill me. My house is the only option.

Lost in thought I felt Mari nuzzle into my chest feeling her cold touch against me. I whispered to her, "Stay with me, I have lots of things I need to tell you!" She seemed to smile in her sleep pulling in closer to me making a slight blush come over me.

As I jumped from rooftop to rooftop, I could hear my ring beeping notifying me that I was going to change back soon. Quickening my pace I finally reached my house slipping in through my bedroom window. I carried Mari into the bathroom laying her in the bathtub as my miraculous wore off in a blinding green light.

Plagg rested on my shoulder complaining about his need for camembear, as he was exhausted from my transformation. When his gaze finally fell upon Mari his eyes widened with terror. He yelled at me, "This is very bad! Was her miraculous taken? Without it we can't capture the akuma!"

He was right, without the ladybug miraculous things were bound to become very dangerous for the city! Yet all I could think about was Mari's safety. I ignored Plagg shaking my head and grabbed all of the medical supplies we kept, from rubbing alcohol to gauze.

I bought a bunch of medical supplies after becoming Chat Noir, in case I got injured. Yet I never needed to use them since Ladybug always had my back. I clenched my fists in anger as I thought about the state she was in now. Whoever did this to her will be sorry for laying a finger on her.

Rushing over I went to help her realising I would need to remove some of her clothing to help treat her. I felt my cheeks get hot as Plagg was snickering at me with some cheese in the corner. I quickly ran into my closet grabbing a baggy red sweatshirt and black basketball shorts that were not quite my style, but were from an old photo shoot.

I came back into the bathroom grabbing some scissors out of a drawer and threw the clothes to the side, for when she would need them. I bent down over the bath tub and cut away her once lavish white dress. I remember in school she was telling me about how excited she was about making this dress for a function of some sort.

Leaving her in just a white bra and undies I tried my best to only focus on her wounds and treating them. Boy was she going to be furious at me later.

I disinfected her wounds, and pulled out a stitching kit to sew up her wounds. When I was little and my father still cared the least bit about me, he taught me how to sew being a fashion designer and all. I hope I still remember how.

I grabbed a washcloth and placed it in Marinette's mouth so if she woke up from the pain she wouldn't scream and wake up anyone in the mansion. Taking my stitching kit I closed her wounds enough to stop major bleeding. The wounds were actually quite shallow and did not cause many problems accept for blood loss.

I wrapped up her wounds gently yet securely with nimble hands that brushed against her soft skin. I felt my face heating up more but finished in a timely manner. I pulled her out of the tub managing to dress her.

I could see Plagg breaking out into hysterical laughter as he flew around in the corner of the room. The nerve of that kwami! Sighing I picked up Marinette and looked around my room wondering where to let her sleep. I decided to place her on my bed where she wrapped the covers around her like a cocoon. I whispered to her, "Goodnight my lady."

I ran back to the bathroom and cleaned up all the blood and took a shower to clean off the blood on me. Getting dressed in green striped nightwear I turned off all the lights and laid on the floor next to the bed.

I was debating whether or not I should sleep in the bed, but the gentlemanly thing to do was sleep on the floor so I did.

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