Chapter 5 -|Audrey|

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"Where are you going again?" Daniel asked from the doorway of their bedroom and watched as his wife scrambled to get her shoes on.

Audrey quickly laced up her gold gladiator heels that complemented her royal blue flare dress. She'd already done her makeup and had her hair in loose curls. "To Cactus, baby."

"The guy club downtown? I knew you were kinky baby, but bringing home a girl I thought was only for birthdays.."

"No, ugly," Audrey replied chucking one of their bed decorative pillows at Daniel, aiming for his head. "It's for Krystle's gay assistant, Coco. He just broke up with his fiancé and needed something to take his mind off of it." Audrey stood to her feet, grabbed her clutch from the vanity and assessed herself one more time in their long mirror by the closet.

Shit, she looked good.

"Baby, you look good." Daniel admitted. His wife looked better than good. For a woman who has a three year old her body bounced back quick and with light workouts, Audrey looked how she did when Daniel first met her. She was stunning and he made it a point to let her know everyday. He knew she had her insecurities but he saw absolutely nothing wrong with her.

Audrey looked at Daniel and smiled. She stood in front of him and cupped his chin. With herself being much shorter than him,  she lifted her head and puckered her lips. Daniel smiled and sucked in air to fill up his cheeks just to blow the air in her mouth when he bent down for their lips to touch.

"Daniel!" Audrey squealed and swung to hit him in the arm but he dodged the attack bursting out in childish laughter and ran in the direction of the stairs, but not before yelling back at her. "Have fun baby! Don't bring no studs home or another nigga!"

Audrey shook her head and chuckled. He was such a fucking fool. Looking back in the room, she looked around one more time, going over her checklist in her head. Having everything in her hands, she headed downstairs and grabbed her keys and phone. She was driving to Krystle's house and they were gonna take an Uber to the club.

Ready to go, Audrey headed for the front door. "I'm leaving! I love you!"

"Love you more!" She heard him yell back before closing the door.


"Hey Girl! You look so good!" Krystle squealed in excitement when she opened the door to a grinning Audrey. She took her in for a long hug. She missed her friend dearly. They rarely hung out now-a-days and some days she would crave for that closeness they once had. But with lives getting so busy, spending time with those who are dear was getting harder and harder.

Audrey stepped back. "Me? Girl, look at you!" The haircut, that outfit is banging and giving me life honey!" Audrey wasn't just trying to be nice, Krsytle really did look good. She had her haircut and dyed red and in an asymmetrical bob. Her outfit was just a little red dress but it clung to her body so well. She hadn't seen her friend in a very long time and she'd forgotten how great it felt to be around her.

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