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[ Third Person POV ]

When their bus came to a stop, Rage was the first to get off. He headed off in one direction, glancing over his shoulder only once. It was just long enough to see that Gunner was behind him . . . but Cat and Low were going a different direction. He understood what was happening immediately, and didn't miss a beat. Just kept on walking, with Gunner trailing a few people behind in the crowd.

Rage hadn't a clue what Cat and Low were planning, but he didn't doubt their abilities, either.

Cat and Low moved with purpose. They stayed in step with each other the whole time, and at some point, Cat leaned into Low and slung an arm around her shoulders, making a show of leaning down and pressing his lips to her temple, before whispering, "Targets at five and nine."

Low's only response was to blow a bubble and pop it.

The duo continued walking, entering the building through the sliding doors and veering off toward a souvenir shop that was at one end of the building, a good distance from the ticket stands. Once inside the shop, they meandered about aimlessly, looking over t-shirts and candies . . .

There were five men following them. If either had to guess, they would've presumed the Kinetic would anticipate they'd head to the airport, and had agents waiting. That meant there were likely other agents trailing Rage and Gunner, but when Low had been clocking people -- she'd noticed the agents long before Catatonic had confirmed them -- she'd only sighted two following their companions into the building.

Which meant more agents were likely spread within the airport.

Low did not consider that to be a problem.

A strong hand latching onto Catatonic's shoulder and prying him off of Low set everything else in motion. Cat responded to the harsh gesture with a quick turn and one short, practiced jab to the trachea, before he snatched the man's own gun off of him and aimed it at two of his friends who had followed immediately behind. In the meantime another duo had gone for Low, but no sooner had their gloved hands brushed her upper arm than did she whirl a high-kick into one's chest, using her momentum to latch onto the other and bring him down to his knees with her thighs wrapped around his shoulders.

At the same time she had grabbed one of their guns at well, and now aimed it carefully at the one who was most conscious -- and still on his knees.

This all happened in a matter of seven seconds.

"You first, Cat," Low said, snapping her gum. Golden brown eyes that once appeared guarded were now venomous and glaring purposefully at the man before her.

"If you insist," Cat smirked.

Neither were concerned about passers by or airport security. This was an ordeal that had happened in a matter of seconds, and it would be finished just as quickly. Not in death, though -- something much different . . . much more LASAR.

"How many Kinetic agents are at this airport?" Cat asked slowly, making sure to enunciate each word with the utmost of care. His eyes were sharp as daggers, and saw through the man's tough-guy façade in an instant. All it took was pressing the gun to his temple for him to flinch.

The man somehow found it in him to flare up at Catatonic. "I don't know."

"You're lying," Low retorted, a contemplative look on her face. 

Cat's smile took on a feral edge. This time the man gave a full-body flinch, his eyes going wide as his mouth opened in a silent declaration of pain, before he gasped out, "Twenty-two! There are twenty-two--"

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