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rena quickly grabbed all of her belongings and ran to where jungkook lived as soon as she was done reading the letter. she really couldnt believe what she just read. what jungkook just wrote on that piece of paper that he gave her. and a proper explaination was what she wanted right now.

the rain still poured like waterfall and the sky started to flash over her, but at this moment she was not afraid of it. jungkook's place was not far away. it only took a few minutes before she got there. rena panted while she knocked on his front door with the letter in her left hand.

she continued to knock until someone finally opened the door. rena looked straight at the muscular figure was in front of her.
his face was nothing but blank and it clearly had no emotions.

where is the jungkook she knew five years ago?

their gazes locked, and he licked his dry lips. he really wanted to kiss her right now, but it wouldnt feel right. it just didnt, even if he really wanted to.

jungkook knew that rena has already read the letter he wrote.
the letter with his stupid 'mistake' that will put him in prison anytime.

yes, he admitted that he killed mingyu.

yes, he made it look like it was a suicide scene,

but it wasnt.

" why did you do it?" she asked and thats when he broke his gaze away and looked down on the floor.

"what did mingyu ever do to you jungkook?" she started hitting him on the chest while she cried. his eyes started to get watery, not only because of what he did. but thinking of how hurt rena was right now.

rena cried out loud and leaned on his chest. she really missed mingyu
she did miss the old jungkook too.

why did she miss someone who killed her bestfriend?

correctly; a murder.


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