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rena ran to the bus stop that was right over the street. she was tired of everything and just wanted to go home and leave right away.

this was the day she was going to leave this reminiscent city. the city with only bad memories.
she have already packed her things at home, and was absolutely ready for this day.

rena layed her umbrella on the ground and sat down on the bench with many thoughts crossing her mind.

did she still love jungkook? or has she already moved on?

she kept wiping her eyes because she wouldn't stop thinking about him and their memories together.

their happy memories.

"stop crying about him"
she repeated to herself

rena could hear steps coming closer to her and she doubted that it was no other than jeon jungkook.
she hoped for the best that it was not him after what she said earlier at the cafe.

"im sorry" a soft familiar voice said. she knew who it was so she didn't want to look up and get eyecontact with that person.

"and i know an apologize wouldn't change anything for what i did.
i know."

jungkook still held the letter that have gotten some raindrops on it.
the raindrops could be his tears to.

he sat down on the bench and knowing that this was the last time he will ever see her again.

jungkook knew his mistakes very well, but he wanted her to be happy from now on.

by him being gone for good.

"all the times i spent with you was all real and you can absolutely call me a coward right now, because i do too. i just wanted you to know that."
jungkook layed the letter with a tissue on top of it and left peacefully.

"coward" she said under her breath and wiped her tear. rena thought he was still sitting right next to her,

but he wasn't.

he left, again.

rena grabbed the tissue and the letter at the same time. she layed the tissue on her lap.

she didn't hesitate to read the letter snd already the first sentence--

she broke into tears


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