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jungkook didn't dare to look rena in the eyes. he just couldn't after what he have done.

it was selfish of him and he knew it very well. he couldn't stop playing with a handwritten letter on his lap that was for one and only chwe rena.

he still hesitates if he should give her the letter or not.

while rena felt blood boiling all over her body at this moment. she also felt abandoned, devestated and betrayed at the same time.

this was not the jeon jungkook she fell in love with five years ago.
he has changed and that deeply broke her heart.

his hair was no longer black. it was now a dark shade of purple. which was rena's favorite colour.

it was silence between the two of them. the only audible sound they could hear was the storm outside.

heavy rain and thunder.

jungkook felt like everyone was against him, even the weather. he couldn't describe how much he hates himself right now.

"can you at least tell me why you left jungkook? or where you were going?-
you're being so selfish right now, can't you tell??-"

" now you're back after four years, and who knows where you were." rena tried to hold back her tears, but she couldn't. she was deeply hurt and she wished he could see it without telling him.

he still didn't answer.

"if you're not going to tell me why, then im leaving jungkook. this is the last time i'll ever talking to you."

"wait, rena"

rena left the cafe leaving jungkook all alone.

was it best for her not knowing or should he run after her, stop her and tell her right away?

he didn't know.


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