the coffee shop. (billdip)

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Dipper's Pov:

I woke up on my room and streched. I standed up and took a shower. I went outside the bathroom with only a towel around my waist. I dressed up in blue jeans , black shoes , a red -shirt , a blue jacket and my signature pine-tree hat.

I went to my car and drove to the coffee shop and i parked my car on the side of the shop. I closed the car door and went in the coffee shop and i fell in line.

As i was infront of the counter i saw this cute guy. He has blonde hair and a bit of brown on the end. Yellow eyes. And athletic body and a cute grin. I blushed and he smiled at me. I think hes new around here

"What may i order you today fine sir?" He said smirking at me. I blushed even more "m-may i h-have some h-hot c-chocolate p-please" i was a stuttering mess that time. His smirk widen.

I blushe even more. "Want to add something for free?" He asked. "S-sure" as i replied to him not making eye contact. "Take out or to go?" He asked again. "to go please" as i said while my blush is dissapearing.

He gave me my change and my hot chocolate. He went in the employees room and went out with his proper attire. Hes wearing a yellow sweater , black jeans and black pointy shoes. As well as a top hat , a bow and a cane. He then ended his shift.

I asked him "why are you ending your shift?". I then tilted my head. "Well my shift has already ended since its already 12 in the afternoon. Plus im your adittion to your drink. So i get to spend time with you" he said and i blushed and nodded. I went out of the coffee shop to my car and he followed.

"Wow nice car." He stated. "Thanks. It is kinda old though" i replied. I went in the drivers seat and he went in the passenger seat next to me. "so.." i said while thinking about a topic. "So?" He asked tilting his head. 'How cute!' I thought. "Whats your name by the way?" I asked him while driving. "Oh. The names bill! How about you?" He said tilting his head even more. "Dipper. Nice to meet you" i said. "Nice to meet you too"


I went to park my car at the side of the local park. I went outside while 'bill' followed. I sat on the fountain. "So. Are you new in town?" I asked him "yes i am. My mother decided to move here because she thought that this is a better place to live".

"Uhm. Dipper." He said with a regretful look on his face. "Yes?" I asked him. He went near me and he holded my chin. I blushed lightly as he did this. He went closer and closer until he kissed me passionately. my eyes widen but i kissed back. He smirked and pulled back the kiss.

"Why did you kiss back?" He asked and i blushed even more. I was comepletely speechless. I standed up and turned around. Making me face the fountain. "Can i make a wish?" I asked him. He simply nodded.

I thought to myself 'i wish that i could be with this guy forever' i then throwed the coin into the fountain. "What did you wished for?" He asked. "No telling or else the wish wont come true honey~" i said in a teasing voice and he blushed

"Hey dipper?" bill said so. "Yes?" I asked tilting my head. "Will you be my-" "boyfriend? Yes." I cutted him off and answered immeditely and he blushed before kissing me again. I kissed back.

The rest of the day was just me and bill hanging out and talking with each other. After that day , i always go to the coffee shop at 11am to buy hot chocolate and hang out with my new boyfriend


So how was my first oneshot? Is it nice? Pls tell me.

And ill update when i dont get lazy again xD

Thanks for reading and i hope you had fun!

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