Chapter Sixteen

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My heart beat increased, which would be thought to be impossible since it was already racing. I stared at Keegan with my mouth hanging wide open. He can’t be serious, can he? I mean, it explains why I always get these weird feelings when he’s around, but I can’t help, but be incredibly shocked.

“Are, are you sure?” I asked. He chuckled a little.

“A wolf knows who his mate is.”

“I-I don’t know about this. I’m only human.” I confess. As much as I love the feelings he gives me, I just can’t be with a werewolf. We’re two totally different things. My head starts to run on overdrive and I feel like going for a run, only I’m a little out of shape and I hate running.

“I-I-I-I can’t do this, I just, I can’t sorry, but I-” I start trying to explain to him, but I’m a little tongue tied with my words.

“Relax Aimee, it’s not like I’m getting down on one knee and asking you to marry me. I just wanted you to know.” This made me relax a little. He just wanted me to know, of course he did. See Aimee, you’re freaking out over nothing. As long as you know you’re his mate, everything is going to be cool. Everything is going to be a-okay.

“Aimee, Aimee, breathe!” I breathe in and out trying to get air circulating through my lungs again. I didn’t even know that I stopped breathing. I’m just kind of freaked out right now.

“When did you know?” I asked. He thought about it for a little bit, which caused me to freak out even more. He probably knew a long time ago and that’s why he disliked me so much when we were younger. ‘Cause he didn’t want me.  

“Well, when I first saw you in the woods. I was hunting and I caught your scent. You usually know when you see and smell your mate when you know they’re yours. So when I saw you were looking at yourself in the creek, at that moment I knew, so I got closer. You weren’t supposed to see me, since you’re a human and all. Humans don’t know about us, unless you have a mate. So I figured you would be an exception. I wanted to say, that I was sorry for treating you so badly when we were younger. I wanted to say a lot of things, but it wasn’t safe.”

I stopped him from going any further. “Why do you keep saying it isn’t safe? What do I need to be protected from?” A pained look crossed his face and I began panicking again. It must be something bad. 

“Because, when you’re an alpha and you haven’t claimed your mate, it leaves her as an easy target for anyone to have. If you have an alpha’s mate, you can easily overthrow their pack. If I told you, about all this stuff out in the open for all to hear, and I haven’t claimed you, anyone can and will. Of course, anyone who touches you will be asking for a death wish.” Okay, so far, I learned about werewolves, Keegan is my mate, Vivienne and her little gang is trying to kill me, and other werewolves are out to get me. My life is just dandelions and gummy bears.

“So everyone is out to get me now? Just because I’m your mate and you’re an alpha and you haven’t… claimed me yet.” Keegan nodded.

“Everyone, unless I claim you first, though, there are possibilities that someone can claim you over mine and we would have to duel over you, which I’m not letting you leave my sights. If that does happen though, there probably won’t even be a duel. I would kill them the moment their mouth leaves your neck.” I shuddered. He is really serious about all this. I mean I know it’s dangerous to mess with an Alpha’s mate, but why would you do that if they were already claimed. I groaned a little and put my hands over my face.

“I can’t take anymore of this right now. My head is starting to hurt listening to all this new information and I’m still kind of freaking out.” Keegan laughed a little.

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