Chapter 19

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A/N: Finally got inspired for another chapter. Raiden feels tired and wants to take a break so, naturally, it's time for Val, facebook, naughty pics and a misunderstanding ;)


Raiden's POV

"Don't you ever knock?" I swirled around, wrapping myself in the pale orange cover of my bed.

"I've seen you in your underwear before." Vallery rolled her eyes and shut the door to my room, before making herself comfortable on the chair in front of my desk.

Not in this one, I protested in my head.

I loved these old boxers, but I had grown too big for them and they stuck tightly around me. So tightly that the waistband left a reddish, slightly itchy mark on my belly. If it wasn't for sentiment, I would've already thrown the pair out.

"What if I'd barged into your room uninvited, the way you just did?" I was still clinging to the bed cover, now securely wrapped around part of my naked torso and the top of my almost naked legs.

"I'd punch you," she said, the chair screeching as she swiveled in it to move the mouse and bring my computer screen to life.

"Am I supposed to punch you too?"

"You could try." She shrugged again, opening her facebook.

I sighed and let the back of my head hit my pillow.

"What are you doing here anyway?" I asked, staring at my ceiling.

"It's the first night Hunter is spending at our house since he temporarily moved in."


"So, the boys are catching up on each other and I don't need to listen to my brother catching up on his boyfriend."

I shook my head in an attempt to get out of my head the image of my childhood friend and his significant other 'catching up'.

"With your dad in the house?" I asked incredulous, sure that Mr. Reed was not going to be happy with such activities taking place under his roof.

"He went out to stock up on groceries."

"He's doing grocery shopping in the evening?"

Vallery's shrug - the third one for tonight - seemed forced this time. With her back to me, I couldn't see her face when she spoke:

"I think he's just using that as an excuse to take his mind off us visiting mom today. He did spend a lot of time inside the clinic on his own so I'm guessing he saw her Counselor and didn't enjoy what she'd told him."

I sat up in my bed, the cover sliding down and pooling around my waist.

"How are you, by the way? I mean, after meeting your mother?"

We didn't get to talk on the ride back and each of us had gone into our respective homes once Mr. Reed had parked the car in his driveway so we hadn't had a chance to speak about our visit to Mrs. Reed. Not that it hadn't gone exactly as expected: her saying she is happy to see me, then gushing about Nat's achievements while he blushed, Lydia only temporarily pausing her praises to criticize Val about the way she dressed, sat, rolled her eyes and even one time about how unwomanly she looked when she scratched her back.

"Eh." She clicked on a photo album full of selfies, her thin, silvery bracelet sliding over her black leather one. "Exactly as expected," she voiced what was on my mind.

"Whose photos are you looking at?" I moved to the edge of my bed, grounding my feet to the floor.

"Just some bitch from school that pissed me off, but I promised Nat to try not to hit her."

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