Chapter 2

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Chapter 2




Lorenzo’s POV


I Just got a call from Jim, he said he has the information for me. I smirk wickedly for tonight my little hell cat will see once and for all whom she belongs to….




Angels POV


It’s been a week since I was with Dirty boy. He calls every night but still no invite.

I spoke to soon for as soon as the thought cleared my brain the phone rang. It was Dirty boy. He asked me to go back to his place today. My kitty started to stir in anticipation. Because Hell Yeah I was going.


Ravens POV (Harleys younger sister)

I was on my hog on my way to Chicago. I was so mad and this long ride just served to work my mind to all that has happened that led me back to freaking Chicago.

When Harley got it in her head that men just plain suck I thought she was so crazy. I love men and thought they were the sexiest things alive. Then again I was only going to be 19 and not to experienced.

Then I remembered the first time I started to think she had a point. I was going out with one of the football players in college. We were sneaking around because I was that Goth looking chic everyone wanted to nail but could not admit to it. I was ok with that. I didn’t want people to know I would do him either. Little did I know that in that particular day we would be caught and he would humiliate me.

I was a big nerd with glasses, but still hot. I met him at our usual place. The library. For God forbid anyone get caught in there. I removed my shirt and skirt and waited for him in nothing but heels, stockings and my panties.

But he did not come alone. He arrived with 2 more guys from the team. I covered myself and ran. I was so humiliated and cried myself to sleep that night. Harley told me I had to be strong like her or I would just get walked all over.

I still did not want to believe her idea of guys. Then the next day I went to class and I was made fun of all day. Yet the big asshole had the nerve to call and say he still wanted to get together. I told him to screw himself and that day got my first tattoo.

It was written across my collar bone it reads live life to the fullest. I went to school the next day with a different mind set. Harley was right. The men are just there to entertain me. Once and only once with no attachments on my part.

Little by little anytime I was suckered when I dropped my walls I added another tattoo. Now I add them because I love them and my heart has turned to stone. Nothing can crack it or break through it. Now It is I who uses and abuses. I smirk at the thought. Then I see a marker reading Chicago 420 miles. Yeah I’m almost home…



Lucia’s POV


I got to work early today because The Boss Man is going to chat with me . I was dresses in my smuttiest secretaries outfit. I also brought one outfit to change back into for regular work.

The things that man tells me he wants to do to me make me so hot it’s not even funny. I sat by my desk waiting for the first message.

“What are you wearing?”

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