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Chapter 2

“Is our house behind that tiny, crappy house?” Flynn asked, his nose pressed against the car window. “That is our house...” My mum told him trailing off as his mouth fell open in shock.

The house was tiny but behind it was a forest so I didn’t really care.

And the front of the house all of the windows were shattered but one. The front door looked as though it had been pulled off its hinges and a foul stench was coming from inside the house.

“Alright, Masons...out of the car!” My dad yelled opening the car door and climbing out. “Well... it’s certainly different.” Jane stated as she gazed at the house before jumping out of the car. “How are we all going to fit inside the house?” I asked, joining my family as we stood looking at the old house. “Well, I, um, I...I think we go through the door... then we, um...” My dad scratched the back of his neck in confusion.

“Just grab something out of the trailer and take it into the house.” My mum grumbled as she pushed past us and made her way back to the car. She dug her hands into the trailer before pulling out a pink suitcase. “Willow you take this.” I caught the suitcase before turning and looking back at the house

“Flynn use your hands...” From behind me my mother sighed. I turned and grinned; a suitcase was floating mid-air while Flynn was deep in concentration as he stared at it. 

“Flynn!” My mum snapped, breaking his concentration; making the suitcase drop to the ground. “Mum!” Jane whined as she tried tugging at a suitcase, “what did you pack in here?” She asked as she pulled at it some more.

There was a loud crash from inside the house, everyone’s heads turned towards the house. It sounded as if pots and pans were falling atop of each other.

I glanced at my dad who seemed deep in thought before I marched ahead. “You need the key to open the-“ My mum started but stopped when I pulled the door open with little effort. This place really was a dump.

“We should fix that...” I heard my dad mutter.

Inside the house was even worse than outside. The smell was much stronger inside; the wallpaper was peeling and chipped , glass covered the ground from where the windows where smashed and there was a giant hole in the kitchen cabinet. I don’t think I want to see the bedrooms anymore.

Jane came in behind me, holding her nose with her fingers. “Welcome home...” I mumbled looking at the ceiling which looked as if it were about to collapse. Water drizzled down the wall and hit a stain in the carpet. “I wonder what else lives here...” Flynn mused, coming in behind Jane and kicking the wall with his toe.

“Mouse!” Jane squealed, unplugging her nose and pointing towards the kitchen counter where a white mouse scurried along with a grey cloth in its mouth. Jane ran out of the house, almost bowling over Flynn in the process.

“Why was Jane running out of the house?” My dad asked entering the house, holding two suitcases.

I was frozen in place, trying to reach for the closest object next to me so I could whack it. My hands landed on the metal bar of the suitcase in front of me. I grasped it and hauled it up, creeping forward slowly. Just as I was about to bring the suitcase down and crush the mouse, it scampered back along the counter and into the hole in the kitchen cabinet.

“I could have brought it in for show and tell!” Flynn cried, his face turning red with anger. “Are you certain we’re at the right house dad?” I asked, ignoring Flynn as he walked past me and looked into the cabinets.

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