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name ; furfur icaza { fletcher } origin of mythicality ; demon sexuality ; unknown age ; nineteen { frozen at age nineteen } birthdate ; twenty eighth of december 1894 status ; single

furfur icaza commonly known as fletcher is a five foot three youthful demon, full of charm and romance, enough to sweep any mythical creature or mundane of their feet in an instant. fletcher currently works in a florist in the mundane world, his good looking luring in any girl or boy that may walk by, filling their senses with the sweet smell of roses, his signature scent and one he often leaves on the bed of his victims. despite his playful attitude and sleeping around, furfur can also be as sweet and innocent as some of the most elite angels. he often places stickers on things that he loves, many hoping he'll stick a sticker on their body. fletcher has only ever been with girls romantically but it sexually attracted to guys however not romantically... at least that's what he knows of of the time he's roamed this world.

F C ; C O D Y H E R B I N K O

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