Look at the River Flow

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Look at the river flow,

Just as beautiful as the music from a piano.

The way my heart sings

As my body sits here,

Inhaling the clean air

The grass is so much greener

The sky is a real blue.

A perfect place for me and you.

What connects us, words can't describe.

You are the lamp and you are my guide.

We have the ability to fly to sore.

Got to greater heights.

With you by my side

I know it will be alright,

You showed me this world, what a beautiful place this is

A place to share a first love, a first kiss

I place of nothing but pure bliss

With you I can stay here forever

Let"s beat time.

Out run it as fast as we can,

Nothing can ruin our plans

Lay down with me,

Look up at the stars in the darkness of the night,

Keep warm and hold me tight

Your love and passion is my might,

Here in this land, this kingdom,

No one knows our name, nor our story

All they know is our love is real

Nothing the outside world can steal.

A place to share a first love, a first kiss

Happiness this word I can no longer describe,

But this state I want to forever abide by.

 - AnnaCatherine

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