Hello Fascination (BxB) ch3

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Caleb's POV ;-;

"Oh my gawd. What the hell is wrong with that guy?!" I then turn to Chelsea, "He was practically doing the nasty to me with his eyes!"

She laughs and shoves her body on top of mine demonstrating Conor's closeness to her. I pop open the Monster Chelsea gave me and snuggle into her couch.

We both look at each other and burst out laughing. I'm so glad she's still my friend even after I had to go through that horrible 'braces with a lisp' faze. *shudders* She thought it was cute... How can it be cute to sound like a four year old that can't quite enunciate words yet?! Luckily, those days are behind me now.

Out of nowhere I hear, "Do you like Tyler?"

Giving away my secret, I blush a little. "HOLY SHIZNITS, YOU DO! Yaaayyy! You two are-" Blah, blah, blah. Girls talk too much.

"Shut up! I do NOT like child-rapists!" I yell, trying to convince her.

"But you DO think he's hot, right?" Chels asks with an evil smirk.

I glare at her. Of course I think he's hot. I could bake cookies on that steaming bod. Hell, I could have a friggin barbecue if I wanted!

I ask her if she's got the hots for Connor, which makes her blush, giving away the fact she's ready to start swooning at his feet. "I think you should go find Tyler right now. It's obvious he likes you," Chelsea says, quickly changing the subject.

"Are you mad?! Who says he's even gay? He was probably just messing with my poor, innocent mind-" I say, then realize it's probably true, "Just a joke to be funny. A bet he made to make fun of me," Oh no. What if that really is what's going on here!? I don't want to be hurt by some jerk, especially not for theamusement of others.

Chels wraps her arms around me in a friendly hug. "Come on, Caleb. You need to get out there more! Stop looking out for me and make some new friends. I'm not talking about coming out; you do that when you feel ready. But at least stop carting me around like the pathetic lap dog I am and meet new people."

I couldn't do that. Not ever! I'd never leave my best friend. Chelsea's my rock. Well, in my case I'd call her my potato. She keeps my calm, while making me hyper. She'd tell me I'm fat while shoving food down my face. She comforts me when I'm emotionally hurt, but physically hurts me when I get comfortable. I can tell her anything when she wants to hear everything.

"What about you? Please start talking again. And NOT just to me. You know how Zach and Dani feel when you you ignore them. You can't just let what happened with Jack affect your life like this." I pause. When she doesn't say anything after a few minutes, I just sigh and say, "What have you eaten today?"

You see, with Chelsea's whole problem with not being hungry n' shtuff, I always try to make sure she eats whenever I'm over. She shrugs so I nag her about her eating habits. Chels is still quiet so I ask her if she took her anti-depressants yet.

"Nope," Chelsea replies, popping her 'p'.

"Chelsea Marie Day. Kitchen. Now." I order, using her lovely full name.

She mumbles, "Are all gay guys this pushy?" I giggle and start to skip to her kitchen, but get sidetracked by her puppy, Taffy.

"Taffytaffytaffytaffytaffytaffytaffytaffy!" Me and the cute mutt chase each other. I tackle him while he lets out a happy yip.

Taffy's so amazingly cute I could cry. He's a mix of a few breeds, making him a tiny blond with crystal blue eyes. Likeee meeeee! Tehe.

We roll around a bit before we hear Chelsea snap at us. Both our heads pop up, making our blond hair/fur flop around our faces. Me and Taffy walk into the kitchen with our tails between our legs. (Mine metaphorical, of course)

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