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"I was waiting for you"Chaos said but he was more cold than I ever saw him before.

The girl just stood there without any movement.

"I predicted your interference. You took your time." Chaos said.

Man he was cold like Antarctica.

"Well well well what do we have here" a man stood at the end of the boat clapping.

He was emitting golden color.

No aura but you can see and tell just one shot of him n we are all gone.

He was not possessing any emotion but looked like it was having all the emotion contained somewhere.

"So many strong beings of the world together. Man this place will burn down any second" He said.

You could see fear in Chaos eyes.

Who he could be that can make Chaos feel fear?

Is he the one who took the sword from Piper?

"Hello Demigods" HE said with a very soothing sound.

"Who are you?" Percy said.

"I am really sorry for him sir! But we are on a quest so its really difficult to believe someone. Can you please tell us who are you?" I don't know how Annabeth is still alive when she went on so many quest with Percy who is always looking for trouble. 

"Yes sure, I am God" he said.

"AS in the great great grandfather of our parents." Percy asked. 

Wow he calculated so fast.(sarcasm)

"Yes dear. But before anything " he turned to Chaos who was still holding the girl under his knife and now his hand was sweaty and he was clutching the knife very hard.

"You can go my son, you are not needed here"he snapped his finger and Chaos vanished.

"Hey what the hell you did to him?"Percy shouted.

He will get us killed.

If we have to fight, we are dead.

Assassin of god and god himself.

No chance, not even the Hero of Olympus can save us.

"I came here to talk"HE said.

"Then talk but don't you dare to come anywhere close to us." Percy said.

I wanted to shout Percy please stop.

But he was right. We cannot trust him. He just now snapped his finger and our only hope of survival and the strongest person we knew till last moment vanished in air.

The girl growled.

"No stop" HE told the girl."Percy you need to sleep. I know your secrets but I wont spill."He said and the he snapped his finger again and Percy fell on the floor.

But I heard him mumbling something like"What's up with everyone? Knocking me down."

 What secret?

"Jessica" HE said and walked towards me.

Alright confession time:If this is the almost death situation in which I would get my Powers. Thank you I don't wanna fight these two.

Any guess what God wanna talk to  Jessica?

Or Secret of Percy?


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