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I woke up to his arm wrapped tightly around my waist. Today was our anniversary, we have been dating for three years. I turned to look at him, he's so gorgeous I mean come on who doesn't think he's gorgeous. Gerald's eyes fluttered open," Good morning sweetie." "Good morning G." He smiled tiredly then yawned sitting up. I sat up too," Ready for our anniversary?" "Yep." Gerald held my hand kissing my forehead.

I grabbed some fruit after Gerald and I got ready for the day. I fed him a piece of apple then he winked. I smiled then he kissed my nose. We say in bed again, I was wearing jean shorts with a f/c shirt. He was wearing a black shirt under a black leather jacket and ripped skinny jeans. I rested my head on his shoulder, he kissed my cheek." Can we go outside and just walk around the bay." I asked rubbing his thigh gently playing with his jeans slightly." Yeah totally. I love the beach." "Me too."

We walked around a bay, kids were playing in the water, some adults were playing with them or played on their phone." It's beautiful down here." Gerald said smiling looking around." I know right." I said smiling also. He held my hand intertwining our fingers. We walked around a little bit more. Then we walked on the shore line. Some little boy splashed Gerald. I giggled quietly as G gave him the death look," Sorry sir! It won't happen again." "It better fucking not! Or you're de-" "G he's just a little kid don't kill him yet." Gerald looked at me then the boy again," You're like my girl is here to protect a little shit like you." Gerald be nice!" "Whatever, go on escape before you die." I sighed, Gerald looked at me," What?" "You can't be nice once in a while?" I pouted." Nope." "Oh come on." "What?! I'm always nice!" "I know. Be nice to kids. Someday you'll have kids." He smirked," When?" "Well we kind of haven't had sex without a condom yet." "Can we do it tonight?" "No, let's wait for your career to calm down a touch then maybe we can have sex without a condom." "Yay!" I rolled my eyes then giggled." I love you." "I love you too baby." He said then kissed my lips.

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