No Hope

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All the hope I had left has vanished,

"Wishing" a word filled with falso hope

I no longer cry

I will soon tell you why.

I no longer hold on to that strand

I let it fall to the bottom of the sea,

it will forever stay below me.

Every "belief" I had thrown out the window,

Tears don't make anything better

Heartache doesn't fully heal

Love for me isn"t real.

I went about life day by day hoping this would change,

Now I don't expect, only sets me up for neglect.

Not holding my breath for the impossible to happen.

All this time I've been in denial

Believing someone out there would want this,

Ha ! Nothing but make belief

A dream I'll never reach


That word no longer in my vocabulary


This is something new, not  much of a reading piece but a performance piece. I hope to recieve your votes, comments and critiques. - AnnaCatherine

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