Chapter Eight- What Are Love Bites ?

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Rey was getting ready for bed while Kylo was having a meeting with the Galactic Council .

She sighed as she threw the nightgown he had given her on her body. She looked in the mirror as she began to braid her hair back.

She saw three little red bruise like splotches on her neck . Great , he had left his mark on her ...

She came out of the bathroom and saw Kylo coming to the room. "Hello my dear" he said .

She faked a smile "hello " she said and then went to the couch to put her black socks on .

He sighed and slouched in the dark black chair that was near his monitors.

Rey watched him take off his mask and gloves . She knew she had to do something for her plan of getting him to fall for her harder than ever , show that him that she was his and then when he was so in love with her, she would make him join the light side .

Rey quickly walked over to him , his face covered by his hand rubbing his temples . She took a deep breath and then out her hands on his shoulders .

She began to rub his shoulders . She heard him take a deep breath . "Kylo wants wrong ?" She asked in a fake lovey dovey voice .

"They are to have us rule the Galaxy-"

"That's so good " she said and kissed his forehead.

"But they're gonna make a big deal out of it... You know ... The leader of the dark side , the best of the light side ... They'll have it televised all over ... All of the supreme commanders are to come ... Including Luke and Leia " he said .

"Oh" and she continued to rub his shoulders .

"The want us to choose a planet to call home , somewhere were we can have a palace of sorts builds quickly" he said .

"And that would be a bad thing because?"

"Because we won't be able to sail anymore -"

"That wouldn't be such a bad thing ... We could focus on ... Other things.... "

"Like ?" He asked cocking an eyebrow.

"You and me " she whispered into his ear .

He smiled and put his hand on hers "I like the way you think" he said .

"It's getting late you should really get ready for bed ... I mean we have to plan a wedding and pick a planet after all" she said.

He nodded and went to get dressed. Rey sighed and shook her hands out from their cramped state.

Kylo came out and saw bed now sitting on her side of the bed . He smiled and went to sit next to her .

"Hello dear" he whispered into her ear , sitting behind her and wrapping his arms around her torso.

"Hi" she said and fiddled with the book in her hands .

"What are you doing ?" He asked .

"Just reading" and then she showed him the books. She heard him chuckle and then move her thick braid from the side to behind her.

He watched as she opens the book and began to read it. "What are these little marks Rey?" He asked touching her neck where the three red bruises were .

"You" she said . He looked at her and she nodded "you gave these to me while kissing my neck ..."

"How ?" He asked .

"They're love bites " she smiled .

"I never bit you !" He said.

Rey let out a small giggle "when you kiss someone , or suck on s specific area of soft skin you leave a mark like a bruise ... You left three Kylo Ren" she smirked .

"Did you leave any on me?" He asked .

"Let me see" she said and turned around. She looked around his neck and smiled "one right there"

"A love bite from my Rey... How wonderful" he smiled . Rey smiled too and kissed his cheek. "Dear it's awfully late ... We should really rest.." He said and he pulled the blankets up.

Rey crawled underneath and he followed . "Am I allowed to hold you tonight ?" He asked turning the light off .

"Hold yes ... Kiss no " she said and curled up next to him . He put his large muscular arms around her body.

"Good night my dear Rey ... I love you " he said and kissed her cheek .

"Good night Kylo Ren... My handsome King" and kissed his jaw .

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