The Meeting

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I am really sorry for the mini-hiatus.
If you google translate "party", you get "Pars" add poison, and you get partem venemi".

~Next Day~
"Brendon is in trouble, Supernaturaly big trouble." Sarah announced to the collected group consisting of Andy, Dallon, Dan, Joe, Kenny, Pete, and Patrick.
"What did he do?" Dallon asked.
"He showed himself to us, is considered 'dangerous' and is famous, and he is thought to be transformed by a demonwolf called 'Parsvenemi'" Sarah explained. "He has to stand trial, and the only witnesses he will have are Tyler, Josh, and I."
"Why can't we be his witnesses?" Patrick queried.
"We're humans, duh." Pete pointed out.
"Maybe we should talk to them." Andy suggested and everyone agreed. Then, the group trooped over to the Twenty Øne Piløts tourbus.
"How may I help you...all?" Tyler asked.
"We know about your court meeting." Dallon announced.
"What? How?" Brendon asked.
"You forgot to close the window." Sarah replied, pointing at the window and then Tyler facepalmed.
"Let me guess, you all want to help and want a full explanation?" Josh asked and everyone nodded.
"Well, the Supernatural Court is a group of Supernaturals that make sure that the Supernatural world stays hidden, like the Volturi in a way." Josh explained. "The jury consists of one representative from each of the Supernatural species. There are laws a Supernatural must follow. Brendon has been accused of breaking several laws which he must answer to."
"He needs witnesses, and as of now he only has about three." Tyler chimed in.
"Why can't we be witnesses?" Patrick asked.
"You need to be a Supernatural." Josh deadpanned.
"Bite me." Pete said and Josh shook his head.
"Who is Parsvenemi?" Andy asked.
"He's a demon wolf," Josh replied. "The court thinks that Brendon was sired by him, which means he transformed him. Pars has to answer to that because Sires have to teach the Bitten the laws which Pars didn't."
"Wow, this is all just a giant misunderstanding." Dan said and Josh nodded.
"How can we help?" Dallon asked.
"Wait a second." Tyler said after a long time thinking.
"What?" Everyone asked.
"I know someone who can get us more witnesses." Tyler said an s then whispered his idea into Josh's ear and Josh nodded.
"New plan!" He said with a smirk.

Short chapter, sorry.

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