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You're out shopping with your girlfriend, Chloë...

"These are perfect!"
"I wanna see!"
Chloë shows your pair of adorable slip-on shoes with a black and white checkered pattern on them.
"I think they'll go with every outfit," you gush, making her grin. Her green eyes sparkle brightly, and you resist the urge to squish her cheeks and kiss her right there.
"That's what I thought," she giggles, and you crouch down to find your sizes. "These'll fit you," she says, waving around the pair in her hand.
"And these," you pull out a box of the same shoes in her size. "will fit you."
"Do you think we can wear them out?"
"Oh I plan on it," you respond with a chuckle. You hand the shoes to the cashier and pay for them. "We want to wear them out," you tell him, and he nods, snipping off the tags and handing them to you. "Thank you!"
You sit beside Chloë on a seat and slip on your new shoes.
"I love this. Twinning," she laughs, pulling out her phone and snapping a picture.
"Who knew shoes could make people this happy?" you joke as you stuff Chloë's shoes into a bag along with your own.
"I know, right?"
You both get up and walk out of the store, and Chloë grabs your hand.
"I'm having so much fun today."
"Me, too," you reply, unable to stop the smile forming on your face. You turn your face toward her and press your forehead to hers. She smiles before pecking you on the lips briefly and giggling.
"Paps," she murmurs after a moment, and you glance forward. Sure enough, a group of paparazzi are snapping photos of the two of you.
"Oh well," you reply with a shrug, making a face at one of the cameras.
"Oh we're doing that," she laughs before sticking her tongue out.
Some of the paparazzi start laughing, and one of them calls out, "Love your shoes! Are they new?"
"Yeah!" Chloë replies, a huge grin on her face. "Hey hey hey baby, let's put on a show for them."
"Pretend fight."
"God, you're lucky I love you," you laugh.
Chloë takes a step back from you before yelling, "You'd better get this, guys. Okay. Now, we are fighting about how you ate the last cookie."
"I did not!" you respond dramatically, putting a hand on your chest as if in shock.
"You horrible cookie-thief!" Chloë gasps, almost laughing as she says it.
"How dare you!"
She raises her hand, pretending to smack you, and you to fall back.
"Oh the agony," you cry, trying not to laugh.
"That'll teach you to steal my cookie, cookie!"
"Peach, I'm not cookie, please. I am tiramisu," you tell her, raising an eyebrow at her. You can hear the paparazzi still laughing, and Chloë pulls you to her.
"Well, tiramisu, I'd like a taste." She presses her lips to yours, putting both hands on your face as she does. You kiss her back, sliding your hands down to her hips and stopping there.
"My perfect little peach."
She giggles before responding, "And my sassy cookie-thief."

From the mix of Brooklyn and Chloë's matching shoes (cute as shit) to the "show" for the paps from Demi and Wilmer (I still cri)
Okay but Chloë is so cute like holy shit why is she so perfect

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