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n o t e

- this story was written and published in 2016

- it's been pretty heavily edited since then

- in the second half of the story there are point of view changes within the chapters and i'm not going to edit them to change them; this is for after chapter 13

- i think it shows how i've grown as a writer as it's definitely not my best work

- there is NO INCEST in this story, please stop asking if it is incest, please stop assuming it has incest. incest is NOT OKAY and my stories will never have incest in them

- there will be no sequel as originally planned

- this story isn't my first completed story but it was very early on when i published it, it's full of cliches and is quite cringey. i think it shows my growth as a writer to see where i started but if you choose to continue reading, you have been warned


c i t e

You're ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece

-Halsey, Colours


s y n o p s i s

Park Jimin is a man of many qualities, and one of them being lonely.

That was all before a certain somebody came along and reminded him what it was like to smile again.

Park Jimin smiled twice that day.

Both were for reasons he hadn't realised played a big part in his life. 

One was because of his own self, and the other was because of her.


s t a t u s

Completed (June 2016 - January 2017)


c o p y r i g h t

© 2016 by -hyungnim(Tee)

I do not own the members of (BTS) but all the other fictional characters are mine. The plot and storyline is also entirely made by me, any similarities to other stories are coincidence. 

You are all capable of creating something beautiful in your own way, try and make something of your own, you'll do better than you think :)

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