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I was released after 7 years and put on house arrest for the remainder of my parole. I had to stop workin and everything. But it gave me lots of time to spend with Anirah. Money wasn't a issue because my brother had my back.

Anirah was 12 years old now and driving me fucking crazy. This parenting shit was rewarding but hard as shit. She was still a good kid but she was getting ready to hit puberty and I wasn't ready. She even brought a nigga home.

Talmbout some "Daddy this is my boyfriend" shit. She was mad at me for like a whole month cause I threatened him with a knife.

I know I probably should have talked to him. But fuck it my baby is not gone be a thotbox. Know that. She too young for a fuckin boyfriend. She need to boyfriend them fuckin books. Shidd.

I did have a little help now though. Yea ya boy is in a little relationship type thing. She's a trap queen and she understands me. She's all I really need. Plus she came with a girlfriend too. 😏😉

Anirah vibes good with both of them and that makes me happy. Anirah makes me happy to be honest. I never thought I would have a tiny person in my life but she's here and she's changed me for the better.

I guess thugs can't be thugs forever huh.

Nahhh. We can. But we can live to. My pops did it until the day he died and he lived a long ass life. But it only works as long as you stay smart and stay Heartless.

I really hope y'all enjoyed this short story. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I'll be putting out more shorts later with various characters so make sure to follow me and stay posted.
Thank you so much for reading.

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-Lady Red

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