Chapter fourteen

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The next day Drake was being sweet, I woke to breakfast in bed which was fresh fruit and yogurt.

“The last time I bought you breakfast, this time I can honestly say I made it.” Drake said with a proud smile. I thanked him and dug in. The fruit was fresh and extremely delicious. Once finished breakfast I made Drake leave so I could shower. It took a lot of pushing but he finally left.

I still can’t believe we were asleep since school finished yesterday, not that I’m complaining I just had one of the best sleeps of my life due to Drake being with me. Wolves are creatures that are almost always in a pack when a wolf finds its mate they almost never leave them for anything. I guess our wolves were rejoicing in finally being together again.

I showered with extra hot water and almost moaned when it came in contact with my back, my muscles still feel loose from Drakes massage.

I dried off and got ready making sure to take extra care on my appearance.  It was weird to think I was dressing up for Drake when usually I do it to spite him.

I found a grey spaghetti strap summer dress that had a flower pattern on it. I picked a pair of cute grey wedges as I did my hair I left it naturally curly but straightened my bang. The light brown eye shadow and made my eyes pop.

I meet all the boys in the living room, except the twins. I pulled out my phone and called to girls who I knew were easy and had a habit of sucking up to me. I couldn’t remember their names to be truthful but they were on my phone as slut one and slut two, mean but honest.

I made both boys a pizza each and left those cooking by the time the girls arrived the pizzas were done. “Hey can I get you two to take a pizza each to the twins?” The girls nodded immediately, I told you they were suck ups.

I left quickly after that. I was heading to my bike the boys following when I realised I was in a dress so I wouldn’t be able to ride my bike and my car was totalled. I felt an ache in my chest when I thought of my baby.

“Hunt I need a ride.” I yelled as he was about to get in his Ferrari. He nodded in response.

“Wait Baby Grey all drive you.” Drake said with a smile. I looked at Hunt who nodded towards Drake and smiled a creepy smile.

I smiled a small smile back and he once again nodded towards Drake.

I pushed my shoulder bag a little higher and walked towards Drake and his new car it was a black Ferrari, it looked like Hunters but newer and sleeker.

Drake sent a grin in my general direction and opened the door for me. It was cute but unnecessary. The car ride we talked of nothing important mostly I listened to all the perverted remarks he could make. It was actually pretty funny that he can take almost any normal conversation and make it perverted.

We got too school and the usual group of students waiting for Drake to arrive. I could see easily a hundred girls watching his car. When we pulled into the parking lot I watched as all the girls pulled down their shirts and up their skirts.

They were practically panting waiting for his arrival, I knew this would happen thought the second Drake said he was over the ho’s and trying to get with me that each and every girl in this school would be after him.

Drake looked at me worriedly but I ignored it. Drake is trying it’s not like he could command every single girl to leave him alone, well he could but that’s ridiculous even if a slight part of me wished he would.

Drake parked the car in the best space other than mine. It was right underneath the awning the school has and right in front of the front steps.

“Stay.” He demanded as he opened the door. I was just about to get out an ignore him but he was already around the car and opening my door.

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