Chapter One

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*Start of Fall Semester*

"I can already tell I'm going to love it here." I walk down the sidewalk, suitcases in both hands as my father and I make our way towards the large brick dorm. 

"It looks great Cami. You made a good choice." My dad responds. I glance at him in time to see him smile at me, his thinning dark hair blowing in the wind. 

The weather outside is gorgeous, sun shining and not a cloud in the sky, however it is fairly windy, and that's making it difficult for most of the new freshman moving into the dorms today. 

"I'm excited about meeting my roommate!" I grin at my dad, scanning my student ID I had picked up earlier from student services so we could enter the dorms.

"The friends you make in college last a life time. You know some of my best friends I met in college right?" My dad asks as we make our way to the crowded elevator.  

We squeeze in with another kid and his parents and all our stuff. 

"Yes dad." He's mentioned it to me about 10 times since we've arrived on campus. 

Nervous butterflies fill my stomach. I desperately hope I get a good roommate. Going away for college was a planned escape away from my hometown. I needed change, a new atmosphere. A town where all the cops don’t know me by name.

In a way, today is the start of a new life.

The elevator doors open and my dad and I quickly pick back up the suitcases and few boxes and step out onto the bustling floor. The elevator opens into a lobby, more of a lounge full of couches, a snack bar, vending machines, and TVs. There are a few desks with nothing on them and the floor is tile, except for over by the couches and TV where it is carpet. Windows overlook campus and I can see a large lake. 

"Wow Cam, you lucked out. Or does every floor have a lounge area like this?" My dad’s eyes scan the room taking in everything. 

"Only a few!" A high pitched voice chirps from behind us. We turn and see a short dark haired girl with big blue eyes looking at us. 

"I guess I did luck out then." I smile at the girl then at my dad.

"I'm sorryy for interrupting! I'm Alderman Hall's Resident Assistant Tiffany! I would shake your hand but they look a little full. Let me help you." She reaches for a box off my dad’s stack in his arms.

"Thank you!" My dad says adjusting the boxes left in his arms.

"What room are you?" Tiffany asks peaking over at me.

"Uhm... Room 223." I respond and she nods her head still smiling. 

I'm beginning to think the smile never leaves her face 

"Great! I'll show you to your room." Tiffany says and starts heading down the hallway to the left.

We pass by girls all done up, and boys with way too much cologne on. Obviously everyones trying to show off the first day. 

"Looks like your roommate is already here!" Tiffany exclaims excitedly and knocks on the cracked open door, then peeks her head in. "Hi I have your roommate here!" 

My dad looks over excitedly and Tiffany pushes the door wide open. I walk in with my two huge suitcases and look around the room. My first thought is that I am surprised by how roomy it is. 

The walls are plain white and the floor is grey carpet. Two loft beds stand across from each other, desks are underneath them and there is one closet for each person near the base of each bed. I notice that one of the beds is already occupied by someone, so I walk over to the other bed and set my two bags down next to it, then I turn and look at my roommate. 

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