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I stopped beating him and felt a knee in my back. I fell to the ground and got placed in handcuffs. The officer began to read me my Miranda rights as I was dragged out of the building.

This nigga called the fuckin feds. I knew my feeling was right cause I bet he's wearing a wire on him. What a bitch man.

-2 weeks later-
I was sitting in my cell staring at the wall. All I could think about was Anirah. I was fucking up as a father already and I ain't even started yet. I know she had to be mad at me. I just hope she wasn't to mad. I talked to 2shot over the phone a few days after they brought me in. He couldn't directly tell me how things on the outside were going but we had practiced code as kids. Dad taught us early how to share info without evidence.

He told me that his pet goldfish died and he had to flush it down the toilet. He wasn't really sad because he still had the smaller goldfish that was still growin. And he let me know that Grams was doing okay and the boys clubs was still in order.

It all meant that they offed that nigga Taevon with no problem and he still had Anirah in his care. Nobody got caught and nobody was snitchin to the feds. That was the only news I needed.

I was still waiting on a hearing from the court because I'm a nigga and they like to hold niggas a long time before they even issue a hearing.

When I did finally talk to a lawyer, provided by my brother, he said that if I took the guilty plea on Deanna's death and assult on Taevon they would only give me 10 to 15 years because Taevon wasn't alive to testify against me. Or 7 with parole.

A nigga was super relieved because usually on a murder charge you facing 25 to life but 2shots people had they're ways. I took the deal cause hell, I wasn't bout to say granny did it. Fuck I look like?

-3 months later-
I sat in the visitation room thumping my heel on the floor. I couldn't wait for them to get here. I had my head down staring at the table. All of a sudden I felt 2 tiny hands wrap around my waist.

"UNKY POO!!!!"

"Awwwe my Nugget!!! I missed you so much lil girl. Man you gettin big. You not gone be a chicken nugget no more you gone have to be a chicken sandwich."

She laughed as I poked her sides. I sat her up on my lap as my brother came in and patted my shoulder giving me a slight hug. "Was good lil bro. How you holdin' up? You ain't nobodies bitch are you. You know you pretty."

"Hell naw man fuck outta here with all that. Shit man, it seems like I dont know which day is which. It's all just blank space to be honest."

"Well shit you obviously been hittin' the yard you gettin' buff like ya big brother." He flexed and I laughed. Nugget tapped me on the shoulder and I turned staring into her mouth. She had a big gap where 2 teeth used to be.

"Woah Gappy. Where yo teeth go?

"One fell out and the other one got knocked out in a fight." she beamed obviously proud of being in a fight.

"Now what did I tell you Anirah Lashae'? I want you to be better then me. Look whea I'm at. This not what you want lil mama."

"But they hit me first."

"Well did you beat they ass?" She nodded her head really fast.

"Okay well then thats coo with me."

"Unky Poo when you come back home are you going to be my daddy?"

The word daddy was still hitting me hard. I had a lot of time to think about what being a daddy meant in these past few months. It was going to be hard but I was up for the challenge. I looked at her brown and blue eyes.

"Yea Nugget. I'm gone be your daddy. But for right now you gotta stay with Uncle Wade and be a good girl. No more fightin' unless you have to."

"Okay. But can I still call you Unky Poo even if you're my daddy?"

I laughed, this girl was something else. "Of course you can. I'll always be ya unky poo."

"You promise?"

"Yeah promise."

She hugged me tight "I love you. Thank you unky poo."

"I love you too Nugget. Ain't nobody gonna ever hurt you again."

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