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((Nico in the M.m))

I knocked on the big green door to Granny's house. I had to pick up Anirah.

Nobody answered the door. I knocked again louder. Still no answer. Something wasn't right. Granny was the lightest sleeper I knew. She'd wake up if she heard a mouse crawling. I didn't have a key but I tried the doorknob.


I opened the door and saw the house was in shambles. Broken glass, torn furniture, it was a wreck but I saw the bathroom door cracked. I slowly walked in pulling my gun out. I opened the door and saw Deanna laying in the tub, blood red water up to her nostrils. Someone walked in behind me and I pointed the gun at them.

"Boy put that damn thing down. Shit you know better." Granny was standing there. I hugged her tightly. "What the fuck happened Gram? Is she dead? Where the fuck is Anirah???"

"Boyyy if you don't shut the fuck up. Anirah is with your brother. I had a bad feeling in my toes last night so I had him come pick her up after you left. Low and behold here comes this heiffa pullin' a knife on me talkin' about she gone kill me if I don't give her the baby. She started going all crazy tearing up my damn living room and shit."

Gram always knew when shit was going down. If her toes started feeling weird some shit was going to happen. I thought the shit was crazy but it worked every time. Pops told us to always trust Grannys instincts cause she was in touch with a side we didn't understand.

"So you killed her Gram?"

"Hell yeah boy what it look like? I told her Anirah was in here taking a bath and pushed her ass in. She hit her head and then I shot her. I called Nico to come clean up. He'll be on the way in a minute."

If I was a master at getting rid of people, Nico was the master of cleaning them up. Anytime a job happened Nico was there. He kept us ghost. No prints, no hair, no nothing. He studied forensic science in school before he dropped out so he had the clean up game on lock. But he had the temper of a female. That's why I couldn't stand living with his ass. 2shot put us in the same apartment cause he said "Nico will keep you grounded." Bullshit. All he did was bitch. None the less he was like a brother to me. If he needed me I was there. No questions.

As we left the bathroom Nico was walking in. "Awe shit Grams why ain't you ask pretty boy to clean the shit up. He was already here."

She went over to him and slapped him upside the head. I flinched at the sound. He rubbed his head. It was probably stingin.

"Boy get yo ass in there and do what you do best. Askin me all them damn questions."

"Yes Ma'am." I laughed as he walked off.

"Shut the fuck up nigga." He hissed at me.

"Heartless." I turned to look at Granny. "You need to take care of her father before he comes for you. Taevon used to be linked up with some people and they're gonna come after you and that baby. I got that feeling so you better be moving fast."

"Yes ma'am." I went and kissed her cheek and left out.
I called my brother.

2- Whas good man.

H-Nothing man where you at? How's Nugget is she okay.

2- Yea she's alright. She wants you. But you need to take care of Taevon first. I got Rich and Stank on him right now and he's at the crib. You better get to him before he makes a move.

H- Arigh thanks bro bro

I made a U-turn and headed over to Deannas' crib. As soon and I got to the door this nigga was making his way out. He ran right into me and stumbled backwards.

"Where the fuck you think you goin' nigga?" I asked with gritted teeth. Seeing his face made me sick. How the fuck could a grown ass man be attracted to a baby? Sick bastard.

"I was coming to find you muthafucka. Where the fuck is Anirah and Deanna nigga?" He pulled a pistol out and pointed it at me like I was supposed to be scared or somethin. Nigga I ain't scared of no pussy holdin' a piece. I walked toward him. "Deanna is dead. She tried the wrong one and she got offed."

He looked hurt. Good. That's probably how Anirah felt after he touched her.

"I should kill you right now YOU PIECE OF SHIT. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY DAUGHTER!!!"

He was shaking. Something in me said to keep my mouth shut. I think I'm starting to get what Granny got in her. I stood there as he yelled some more.

"Tell me or I'll kill yo bitch ass."
"Do it."

He looked at me crazy. He was afraid to even look me in my eyes. Pussy ass nigga. I ran and jumped on him. I hit the gun to the side and started beating the shit out of him.

Next thing I knew *Boom*

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