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A/N: Okay, I feel the need for a little clarity on something. In this work of fiction, Bård is no longer with his wife.

This in no way means that I'd actually like them to split up, I'd very much like them to be happy, but I don't condone affairs.

(And I don't really think Vegard and Calle would find girls for Bård to sleep with if he were married. So, all will be explained a little later on.)

Ps: I feel really bad for splitting them up to make my story work, so if for some weird reason Ylvis stumbles upon this (which I highly doubt will happen), I don't really want you to split up with your wives and I wish you all a lifetime of happiness.

Now! On with the story!

(And as always, thanks for commenting!)


To say Bård doesn't give up easily, is an understatement.

My boss started to get annoyed with the constant flowers being sent to me every shift.

Although, once or twice it was Vegard in costume, singing an apology song from Bård.

But Bård had hurt me. And if I was going to be honest, I was afraid of being hurt again.

Did I still like him? Absolutely, yes.

But now I was afraid. Because it was more real now.

I knew he was famous here. I knew he could probably have his pick of the women.

And not just because of his fame. Both he and his brother were extremely gorgeous men with great personalities and a lot of talent.

The flowers weren't all that was sent. Sitting on my couch, I stared at the ever growing pile of unopened apology cards and letters.

Okay, I had opened one. It was handwritten and beautiful.

And as much as I wanted to forgive, I was too afraid.

The sound of knocking on my front door brought me out of my thoughts. I slipped off the couch and looked through the little peephole to see who was knocking at my door at 12:30am.

It was Vegard. He stood with his hands in his pockets, looking a bit serious.

I frowned but opened the door and stated at him. "Hello, Vegard." I forced myself to be polite. After all, Bård's actions shouldn't reflect on how I treat his brother.

I opened the door wider and gestured him inside.

Vegard plunked himself down on my couch as if he were at home. "He's sad you won't forgive him. At least give it a chance?"

Of course that's why he's here. I'm not surprised. "Look, Vegard.... I just don't want to be hurt. And I'm afraid that's what will happen." I sat myself on the opposite end of the couch and crossed my legs.

"But you don't know." He shrugs and angles himself to be facing me. "Give it a try, he won't stop moping."

I sighed and rubbed my face with my hands. "I guess I did come here for adventure..." Maybe I could try...

"What's an adventure without risks?" Vegard winked and grabbed my phone off the coffee table, holding it out towards me. "Give him a call."

I swallowed back fear and finally nodded, giving into Vegard's push. I took the phone and dialed Bård's number. I had at no point deleted his number from my phone.

It rang a few times before Bård picked up.