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SCARLETT AIRDAN is particularly skilled at a lot of things.  Being entirely indifferent to the world around her is one of them.  But when her father is taken from his house in the middle of the night, the whole world shifts.

TWENTY YEARS AGO, Max Airdan founded Pluto, a covert organization specializing in the act of neutralizing threats, whether they're aimed at an Austrian embassy or a senator's niece.  He's an impossible target, having protected himself in a fortress of extra security and special operatives.  He can't be kidnapped, until he is.

NOW, his daughter must pull her team  of operatives together to find who has Max before time runs out.  Scarlett's team, however, is the least ideal, consisting of an overly confident thief, a con with a penchant for all things shiny and expensive, an unfortunately optimistic tech, and a pair of vicious twins.  Even worse, it soon becomes clear that there's more than Max's life on the line if their mission fails.

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