XXXVII- The Aftermath

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"Sugar," Greyson said, his eyes wide with panic. "Keep your eyes open! Don't close your goddamn eyes, Indie!"

Indianna could hear Greyson loud and clear, but sleep was calling to her. The darkness seemed so appealing and she knew the pain would go away if she just closed her eyes. Not even the sparks could stop the pain she was feeling. Her body was exhausted and sleep seemed like the only option that could help her.

"Indianna!" Greyson yelled, looking down at Indianna's limp body in his arm. "Please, stay awake!" Her eyes fluttered closed and Greyson cursed loudly. "Kal, hurry the fuck up!"

Kal looked at Greyson in the reflection of the rear view mirror in the car and pursed his lips. "Do you think if I could go any faster I would?"

"Fucking hell!" Greyson exclaimed, looking out of the window as trees sped past them. The pack house was less than minutes away, but Greyson didn't know how long Indianna had.

"I know she's your mate and you're freaking out, but she is our Luna too," Kal said. "We want her to be okay as much as you do, mate."

"Just fucking drive," Greyson growled and looked down at Indianna. "Please, sugar. Don't leave me just as I've found you."

As soon as the car stopped in front of the pack house Greyson was out of the car and was greeted by a worried Doc. "What happened?"

"Rogue clawed her neck. The wound was deep and it's in such a serious place," Greyson explained, rushing into the pack house. Pack members immediately cleared a path and Doc hurried after Greyson as he made his way to the infirmary.

"Lay her down," Doc instructed. "So the wound is facing up."

Greyson did as Doc instructed and watched in worry as Doc grabbed a needle and a small glass bottle. He wiped Indianna's neck with a sterile wipe and stabbed the needle into her neck. Once he was done he then moved Indianna' hair clear of the wound and inspected it. The bloody flesh would've made Indianna puke if she could see it, but Doc just cringed slightly and attempted to stop the blood from flowing freely from Indianna's neck.

"Doc, what can I do?" Greyson asked, running his hand down his face in worry. Seeing Indianna unconscious, bloody and weak made him break inside.

He should've protected her.

"She's loosing lots of blood," Doc muttered. "I need to close the wounds and she'll need a transfusion. Mates have the same blood type, I'll need your blood, Greyson."

"Yeah, fine, whatever I can do to help," Greyson blurted.

"The wounds are deep and there are fragments of broken claw embedded in the flesh. Rogue must've ripped his claw when attacking Indianna," Doc said and muttered under his breath. He had to stop the bleeding before too much blood was lost but he couldn't do anything before he cleaned the wounds out. "Greyson, pass me those tweezers!" Greyson did and Doc got to work. Carefully and expertly removing the splinters of claw from Indianna's flesh as quickly as he could.

Greyson took a seat on a hard plastic chair and watched as Doc worked on Indianna. He started to zone out and his mind was racing; the thought of loosing Indianna was scaring him. He had no idea what was going on when Doc tapped him, his gloved hand was crimson with Indianna'a blood. "I need to do the transfusion now," Doc said quickly and Greyson bolted out of his seat and nodded.

"Do it," Greyson ordered and Doc sat Greyson down next to Indianna and inserted a needle into his arm. "Doc?" Greyson whispered as Doc finished setting up the transfusion. "Will she be okay?"

"I'm afraid I don't know until after the transfusion. She's on thin ice. Even if the transfusion is successful her condition could change in minutes. It's going to be a long night, Greyson."


"How is she?"

Greyson tiredly looked up and forced a smile when Brooke entered. She looked extremely on edge and dishevelled. She was partly worried to death about Indianna and the news about what Rogue had done to her had shocked her to the core.

She felt disgusted.

"Stable at the moment," Greyson sighed and looked down at Indianna. Her dark hair was sprawled over the pillow and her face was a pale as a snow. Blood was seeping through the bandage at the back of her neck and there was a layer of sweat on her forehead.

She looked like death.

"At the moment?" Brooke whispered, walking over to the bed and looking down at Indianna in sorrow.

"Ten minutes ago she had a seizure," Greyson muttered. "Her condition is changing constantly."

"Do you know when she's going to wake up?"

Greyson sighed and shook his head. "Brooklyn, you shouldn't being worry about her. I've got that covered. You should be worried about yourself."

"I'll be fine-"

"Don't lie to me, Brooklyn. You need to start showing your pain. It's not good to bottle it all up. It's okay to show that you're scared."

"I'm not scared," Brooke said. "I'm mortified. Rogue is a monster. He attacked Indianna, killed her father and is a notorious killing machine. And he raped me," Brooke whispered, whimpering at the end. "Twice."

"We're going to kill him," Greyson said surely. "I promise."

"That's what Harry said, plus lots more swear words," Brooke said with a faint chuckle. "As soon as she wakes let us know, yeah?"

"Sure," Greyson nodded and Brooke headed to the door. "Brooklyn?"


"Can you send Mac down here, I need to speak to him?"

"Sure," Brooke nodded.

"Oh, and Brooklyn?"


"Talk to Harry. You have a habit of forgetting, but he is your mate and he does care about you," Greyson said and Brooke rolled her eyes slightly. "It will help if you talk to him about what happened."

Brooke stared at Greyson and pursed her lips. "Tell us if she wakes," she repeated and walked out of the infirmary.

Greyson looked down at Indianna and linked his fingers with hers. She felt cold and so fragile.

He was only alone for a few minutes before Mac walked through the door. He stopped in his tracks and looked sadly at Indianna. "How is-"

"How does she fucking look, Mac?" Greyson snapped. "She's fucking shit."

"Sorry, stupid question," Mac sighed. "You called for me?"

"Yeah, I need you and another pack member to go to Indianna's house and get her mother. Tell her what's happened and that she isn't safe with Rogue on the loose. Bring her back here."

"Shall I take her straight to a room, or let her see Indianna?" Mac wondered.

"Bring her to me. I have some questions to ask her."


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