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After the medics checked me, they took me to the same hospital as Fury for a further diagnosis and they just ended up giving me a few strong painkillers.

Nat barges into room and chokes on a sob when she sees the doctors performing a surgey on Fury.
"How many ?" She chokes out.

"Three slugs. Short-range ballistics. Completely untraceable." Agent Hill answers.
Out of all of us, she's the only one actually managing to keep her self composed.

"Soviet made ?" Nat asks in deep thought. Hill gets a confused look as to how Nat guessed correctly."Yeah."

Nat grips my arm and turns me her way."Did you see them ?"
Since I'm a bit drowsy from the painkillers, Steve beats me to the answer. "He was strong and fast."

"Yeah he was definitely strong."I show her my bruised fists from our fight earlier today. "And he had a metal arm."

Nat gets a dazed look and seems to be piecing the things together in her head.

The rapid beeping sound from the heart monitor snaps her out of her thoughts."No, don't do this to me." She whispers when the doctors start trying to resuscitate him.

"No,no. Come on old man." I too whisper as I put my hands against the glass window.
The doctor checks his watch as he also checks for the pulse on Fury's neck."Time of death 1:03 AM"

I immediately put my ear next to the glass and try to hear for his heart beat,but it's really difficult because there are alot of worried thumping hearts in the same room as me and there are many machines beaping in the surgery room. But I don't hear anything coming from Fury.

He's gone.

Nat looks at me hopefully, but lets her tears fall once she sees the sad look on my face and the tear running down my bruised eye.

I couldn't save him.


Agent Hill comes into the room where we were allowed a few last moments with Fury's corpse."They need to take him." A few stray tears fall down towards her lips.

I walk over to Nat and slightly squeeze her shoulder."They,uh... need to take him." I struggle to get the words out in a comforting way. But honestly I am not one to comfort people, that's just not one of my skills.
I do understand what she's going through, losing someone who has been a great influence on you really takes a toll on you. I remember her telling me that Fury and Clint were the first to trust her once she left the KGB for S.H.I.E.L.D

She puts her hand on his head, wipes a tear away, and walks away without looking at anyone or saying a word.
Steve take off after her and I give Hill a small nod.

"Why was Fury at your apartment ?" Nat asks Steve completely normal now. She sometimes freaks me out whenever she does her quick mood changes,she could be crying one second and the next she could be laughing her ass off.

"I don't know."Steve answers while giving me a questioning look.

Rumlow interrupts their conversation."Captain Rogers you're needed at S.H.I.E.L.D now."

"Raven." Steve calls for me and I start walking his way.
"Just you Cap." Rumlow says and gives me a cold stare.

"It's alright, I'll stay here with Nat." I tell him as I go for a hug and he slips the flash drive into my jacket pocket. I had given it to him when I got on the ambulance.

As soon as Steve is gone, Nat roughly grabs my shoulder and shoves me into an empty room.
"Aye,I know you're attracted to me but I'm all roofied up, so please don't take advantage of me like this."

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