The Horse

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The newly trained cadets patrol the top of Wall Sina as the rest of the city attempts to clean up the damage of the previous day. There was a 30% loss of citizens due to the fight between Annie and Eren, and both citizens and soldiers are scrambling to gather the bodies before an epidemic breaks out.

On top of the wall, Aaron looks up as Jason sits down next to his canon, panting and fanning himself dramatically.

"It's so hot up here!" Jason whines as Aaron attempts to ignore him and take care of his canon. He places the cannonballs in a neat pile in preparation of an attack.

Jason continues. "They always send us newbies to do the stupid jobs."

Aaron looks at him, his face stern and serious. "This may be stupid to you, but we just caught a traitor in our ranks. It is important that we are here to observe any other suspicious activity outside the walls."

Jason laughs. "Aaron, my man, you are one of those poor fellows that take their job way too seriously." He chuckles some more as he reaches into his jacket, pulling out a flask of water. He gulps it down as Aaron watches, annoyed.

"You aren't the only one that is hot, Jason. And you know that resources are low. Do you have any consideration for your fellow cadets?"

"Oh! You want some?" Jason shakes the flask in Aaron's face.

Aaron swats it away as Jason laughs and finishes its contents. Aaron rolls his eyes and as he reaches for another cannon ball, his eye catches something on the horizon.

"Jason, hand me your telescope."

"Psh, whatever." He passes it to him and Aaron extends it, looking through it. The image becomes clearer after he adjusts it, and his eye outlines a horse in the distance.

"What is it?" Jason asks.

"It's a horse. Maybe it's a wild one." He stands up, trying to get a better a look at it.

"We could eat it."

Aaron ignores him and focuses on the horse. As it gets closer, he sees that it has a wagon attached to it.


"What is it?" Jason asks, standing up next to him.

"There's a wagon, but no soldier. Did the Scouts go on an expedition today?"

"No, they are in charge of the traitor."


"Hey guys, what's up?" Caroline, another cadet, approaches the two.

"Aaron sees a wild horse or something." Jason shrugs.

"No, it has a wagon attach to it. See." He hands the telescope to Jason. "Listen Caroline. I know you have read every book written about the battles against the Titans. Has there ever been an instance where an abandoned Scout from an expedition returns to the wall?"

She shakes her head. "Rarely. Only 2 incidences happen out of 57 expeditions. Someone was left behind and was running after the Scout Regiment before being swallowed by a Titan. The other was classified as missing and actually managed to make it to the wall before dying in front of the gates. Both had been injured and I'm sure there has been other unrecorded incidences. Yet, a Titan was always able to find them first."

"Guys, there's more."

"What?" Jason hands Aaron the telescope. He looks through it and sees 5 more horses with wagons following the first one in a single file line. All were running at top speed.

"Jason, get Commander Pyxis. Alert him of the situation. Caroline, let Commander Erwin know too. Tell every soldier you can find."

Both cadets nodded and fly off the wall. Aaron takes out his gun and releases a red flare. One by one, each cadet on the wall shoots a red flare as the subject gets closer and closer to the wall.

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