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(Guys I'm super lazy so for this chapter read the Prologue first then read this. It will make lots of sense. I promise!!)

Dave Strider~

-Third person's POV-
Karkat ran out of Terezi's hive to his own. "MAYBE KANKRI OR DAD CAN HELP ME.." He thought aloud. Both Vantas's have met Dave so Karkat knew that they could help. The door was opened so Karkat walked in. The smell of blood filled his nose. "KANKRI?! DAD?!" Karkat walked through the house, the smell increasing. The main bedroom's door was off it's hinges. Red blood stained the walls and floor. "DAD?" Signless's arm and body laid limp, covered in cuts, on the soaked red bed. Karkat looked at the wall and saw, written in blood, See you soon. Karkat cried and ran to his friends house. "KANAYA? ARE YOU HOME?" Karkat's voice was weak as tears fell down is face. "Yes Dear Please Enter." Karkat opened the door and ran into his motherly figures arms. "Sweetheart What's Wrong?" Rose hugged Karkat and Kanaya seeing the hug was needed.

"SIGNLESS AND KANKRI ARE DEAD...I DON'T KNOW WHO DID IT BUT THEY ARE COMING FOR ME NEXT." He cried and cried into Kanaya's black shirt. "Oh Dear, You Can Stay With Us As Long As You Like." Rose glared at Kanaya but nodded and called Dave, knowing the two were close.

-Rose's POV didn't see that coming-

I grabbed my phone and called Dave. "Dave, we need you, your brother, and his husband to get here as fast as possible." He let out a groan, "Why?" "Something happened to Karkat. Just get here." I could feel Dave's fear as he told me be there soon and hung up. I walked back to my lover and Karkat with hot chocolate. "Here, chocolate keeps people happy." I lightly smile, handing them their drinks. Karkat stared at his cup. "Kanaya, I called Dave and his family to help." I saw as Karkat flinched a bit.

"WHY HIM?" "Well Dirk's husband and himself are cops. So, I figured they would be useful." The troll just nodded. 'What happened between him and Dave?'

-Dave's POV-

I ran to bro's room and knocked fast. "Open the door! I need the cops!" The door opened, Jake standing tall. "What's wrong?" I bit my lip, holding back tears. "Something happened to Karkles, Rose needs us!" Bro and Jake ran out of the bedroom and to the car with me following behind. 'Hold in there Karkat.'

-Kinlay's POV (forget about him?)-

(Trigger warning! Mention of rape, sadness and death.)

My ancestor and dancestor sat on the, now, red stained couch. "fAthEr, whY ArE yOU And kIItOA cOvErEd In rEd?" Their clothes were torn, midnight blue and candy red mixed together. "We DiD iT! DaDDY SaiD We DiD a GooD THiNG ToDaY!" My dancestor/Kiitoa said, a huge toothy grin craved into his face. My eye widen as I realize what has happened. "whY dId yOU hUrt thEm?!" My ancestor glared at me. Midnight blue eyes turned black in rage. "Stay out of this! You havee donee nothing to heelp this family!" Red blood ran down his chest, dripping onto the oak wooded floor. Kiitoa wrapped his arms half way around King Darkness' waist. "DaDDY iT'S oKaY." KD let his rage fly out the window looking at the 5'1 sized troll. "I'm sorry Kiitoa. I didn't meean to scaree you." I ran to Karkat's hive, I needed to know if they killed him. Dave's brother's car was parked in the front yard. I ran into the house ignoring the three voices telling me to get out.

Red. Red was all I could see. It danced on the walls and the floors. A trail of candy red lead to the main bedroom. Two bodies laid on the bed, cuts and blood covering their dead bodies. I swallowed my own throw up as I walked closer. Signless' coat was stuffed into his mouth, tears dried on his face. I looked to my right and saw a red sweater laying on the floor. 'Did they....rape them?! Please tell me this wasn't my family!' I looked at Kankri's chest, dark blue droplets dried on his chest. "Kinlay, you need to-" Dave's voice stopped as he saw the scene. "Did your dad do this?" I gave a nod, blue tears streaming down my face. "t-AkE mE t-tO kAr-kArkAt." Dave pulled me out of the room into the orange car.

I'm so sorry Karkat...

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