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hey guys! I know this isnt at all what you want to be reading but, I felt like this would be fun so I'm doing this.

Anyways, let's get to the thirteen facts.

1. my name is Claire lol

2. I live in the united states in the most boring state ever

3. Dylan O'Brien is my favorite thing on the planet

4. I love to write fan fiction, especially my newest book about Dylan O'Brien called Counterfeit Taste you should check it out (and yes I just sponsored myself lol)

5. I love the fan fiction series, After written by Anna Todd it is brilliant

6. my top Teen Wolf otp is Stydia because it's endgame in my opinion

7. my hobbies are reading, writing, acting, and watching/ obsessing over Teen Wolf and Dylan O'Brien

8. my favorite Teen Wolf seasons are all of season 3 and all of season 5

9. I am absolutely obsessed with space

10. I want to be a film maker/ cinematographer/ director when I grow up

11. If I couldn't be any of the things listed above I would be an astronaut

12. I have absolutely no clue if you guys are enjoying this tag at all

13. I'm sorry I did this instead of updating all

Well sorry for that lol. I hope you guys enjoyed even though I know you didn't. Comment and tell me 13 facts about yourself! Love you guys and as always:
Thanks for reading, voting and commenting.

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