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I am not the fastest man alive.

But that's not the point, because I am a girl, but I still isn't the fastest person alive.

"Streak." He had looked at me in such a mocking way. "You will never be fast enough for me."

Looking over my city, that seems even more apparent as I survey the destructions. I know that I can't protect everyone alone. His message was clear for me to see; he wanted my city, my Earth, and I wasn't strong enough, or fast enough to stop him.

"Bianca...I mean, Streak." A voice called out to me and I turned to see the only person who knew my secret walking towards me; I had dreamt of this so many times, but it is too late. Zoom had conquered my Earth and my loved ones are as good as dead.

"I am so sorry." He speaks softly, genuine in his concern. But that didn't matter. He wasn't there when I needed him the most and now my city, my Earth is doomed.

"I will do anything to take my Earth back." I said, donning my new mask and facing Barry Allen. "Even if it means going against you."


In honour of the new #scikickheroes competition - I wrote a little fan fic for The Flash. It has become my #1 favourite TV show to watch, even more so than Game of Thrones because of Barry's down to Earth and relatable character, Cisco's humour and all round plot.

If you are reading this - I challenge you to write your own #scikickheroes story featuring your favourite superhero and their villain meeting in less than 200 words - whether they are imaginary or real!

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