He stood there hugging me slightly swaying and looking at me like he still had something to say I gave him a look as if to say "C'mon spit it out."

"You can't go being a hero no more alright?"

"Fine." I sighed.

He awkwardly pulled out of the hug and brushed himself down which slapped a smile across my face he was finally letting his walls down letting someone in, when he finally looked back up at me I could see the scrapes and bruises clearly now,some old some new.

"Go get some food okay? I'll come out in a bit." I said giving a faint smile sitting down on the end of the bed.

He gave me a nod before leaving the trailer, I just sat there for a moment trying to gather my thoughts it's all a little weird that he's let his guard down although that's what I want but what I really want is to be able to kiss them sweet lips again without freaking him out or scaring him away.

I finally pushed myself to go join everyone outside, they were all quietly talking when I approached them all, I took my seat next to Daryl he didn't seem to mind and after that everything was quite as we ate.

When everyone had finished Beth started to sing, she has an amazing talent and you can see how proud Hershel is of his daughters, him and Rick are the only two here that still have real family around but now that doesn't really matter as everyone considers this group my family now.

"I wanted to discuss what we found out there."Rick said after Beth had finished.

"Did you find another place?" Carol asked.

"We did and it could be the best we've had yet." Rick answered. "But need to vote on this, who goes and who stays."

"Have you made sure the perimeter is safe? Nothing can get in? You can be walking into this place only a few on the outside but you don't know how many are inside." I said running my hand through my hair. "Truth is your going to get someone killed."

"And if we don't find a better more secure place to stay more people will get killed."

"Mia's right Rick there isn't many of us left anymore." Hershel said wisely.

"My plan is that we start early, I want to take Daryl,Michone,Glenn,Maggie and Mia leaving Carol and Carl to take care of the rest of you."

"Mia ain't going." Daryl said sternly. "She stays here she's needed here."

"I'd prefer having her with us, she's quick just like Glenn and she has a quite weapon like you." Rick said trying to convince Daryl,

"She ain't going."

"Rick she's still recovering she's done a lot for us while you've been gone she'll be better here." Carol said helping Daryl out.

Rick ran his hands over his face and let out a sigh, "I'd rather her with us the more people the better."

"I said she ain't going Rick." Daryl snapped,

"Doesn't Mia get to make the choice?" Beth pitched in.

"I want to stay here, because if anything happens it leaves Judith and Hershel vulnerable."

"Fine Mia,Carl,Carol and Hershel will stay here, I want people on watch at all times though okay?"

Everybody gave a slight nod apart from Carl he wanted to be with his dad and he wanted to see the action I think he craves to be apart of something most of the time.

"Why can't I come?" Carl said folding his arms over his chest.