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Do I Have the Right to Be Angry?

A girl kissed him and she was terribly jealous.

When Phoebe saw the bruise-like love bite on the lowermost portion at the left side of Evandros' neck, she immediately stood up. Evan, however, caught her arm and pulled her back to the floor.

"Phoebe," he said, trying not to let her escape from his grip.

Truly dismayed, she jerked her head to the other side and pronounced, "While... While I was thinking about you the whole weekend, you were actually making out with someone..."

"This is... nothing..." he said. Why did he want to explain to her?

"Nothing? It's gross!" she said, still not looking at him.

"Look at me, Phoebe," he appealed. He wanted to tell her what happened. But how could he tell her that he got tempted with Phaedra last Saturday night?

"I can't look at you right now... especially with that mark on your neck. What kind of girl is she? A vampire? Or a werewolf?"

Evan finally released Phoebe's arm. He expected her to stand up this time but she didn't. With her not moving by his side, he began to believe that she wanted to listen to an explanation.

He raked his hair with his fingers. "Give me a reason why I have to explain this to you."

She looked at him shockingly. She wanted to reason out but he was absolutely correct. "No, I don't need an explanation, Mr. Xenakis," she finally said, now deciding to stand up.

Evan once again pulled her down to his side. "Phoebe, I'm sorry..."

Facing the other direction, the girl bent down her head and pressed her right cheek against the coffee table. She felt a terrible pain in her heart.

For minutes, she had been doing that. She didn't look up.

Evan felt disappointed of himself. If he had just worn his suit shirt, the collar must have concealed the hickey. She might have not seen it and he wouldn't have hurt her. How could he be so careless about it?

Slowly, he touched Phoebe's hair. "I'm sorry."

"Who is the girl?" she asked, feeling his hand combing her hair.

"My ex," he said, very briefly.

Hearing it, she finally raised her head and faced him. "Ex? You made out with your ex?"

Evan saw tears in the girl's eyes. "You're crying..." he mused, feeling guilty.

"I'm jealous. I am... really," she revealed frankly to him.

"I went home last Saturday, met my ex there and we kissed. It was supposed to be a kiss on the lips only but she went wild."

His ex went wild? She asked herself. Phoebe couldn't imagine herself to be biting a guy when making out. She could never do it. That woman must be some sort of a vampire and... did he actually allow her to do that to him? Did they do more than that?

"Went wild? You slept with her?" She was so disappointed that she wanted to shove him out of her room.

"No, no, no... I didn't, okay? We didn't... We just kissed..." Evan obviously was hushing the girl like a baby and he was speaking the truth. "Come on, that girl and I are completely over now since a long time ago. We just really kissed and I swear it won't happen again."

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