I had Art before Math today, so I hurried to the art lab, which was on the opposite end from my English class, which I had just come from. Our English class is very uneventful, it feels more like a History class than an English class, and it doesn't help that the English teacher is a perv.

"Hey Ree" I say, taking my seat near him by the window. 

"Hey Aqua! So are we still on for you know what?" he asks, beaming. 


"Are we still, you know...ditching?" he asks, whispering. It's actually quite funny that I start laughing. He looks like a guilty little boy who's been caught, 

"Ree, have you ever missed a single class in your life?"  

"Actually, I have. Once in the fourth grade, when I had a dentist appointment."  

"Wow, I think I've spent more time out of school than in it, and yet you've never missed a single school day on purpose" 

"What can I say? My mom raised a good boy" he says, flashing his perfect teeth. 

"Anyways, moving on, yeah we're still on, so it's gonna be me, you, Mia, Adam, your friend and Blake. He's new, so I invited him" 

"Cool, I'm bringing Jake, hope you don't mind" 

"Why would I mind?!" 

"Because, he makes you nervous" before I could say anything, Miss April came in. today we learned Art history. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

"Pss...Aqua" Regan whispers. 


"How about we leave together? So that we don't keep the others waiting. Mia and Blake could ride with Adam and Jake can use his car?" 

"Sure, let me text Adam and tell him we'll meet him there." I say, reaching for my phone.

After our very interesting Art history lesson. Regan and I sneak out through the library and head to his car. 

Did I mention what a nice car he has? Well he has a nice car.

"Do you mind if I plug in my i-pod to your stereo?" I ask when we get in the car. 

"Sure, go ahead" he says, opening the roof of his car.

After a couple of scrollings, I find a nice song- 1985 by Bowling for soup. 

Like I mentioned before, I'm not the best of singers. But so is Regan. We start singing along together, though we don't really know the lyrics.

"I love this song!" I say, beaming. 

"I kinda got that, looks like everyone's already here" he says. 


"Adam's car and Jake's car are over there" he says, pointing to a secluded part of the beach.

As soon as he parks the car, I get out and go jump on Adam from the back.

"Oh Aqua is that you?! We thought Regan had kidnapped you!" he says, while we're still lying on the soft sand. 

"Is M-I-A M-I-A?" I ask. 


"You're so slow sometimes! Is Mia Missing in action? As in her name is spelt M-I-A and it stands for missing in action" I can see that everyone is confused so I just say, "Never mind."

Adam goes over to his car, opens the door and turns up his stereo. 

"Where's Blake?" I ask after we finish singing and reminiscing about our adventures. 

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