Chapter 12 The real reason

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Addison's moans were music to his ears. He was filled with an ecstasy that he hadn't experienced with another woman before. He held onto Addison tightly as if he were scared that she wouldn't be there when he awoke. Addison snuggled deeper into him craving his touch and the feel of his hard body against her own.

She was kissing his him again and she wondered if she would ever be able to stop. She felt that feeling well up inside of her stomach again and again and it was almost too much for her to bare. She was completely vulnerable to Marcus now. He could see her from the outside and in. She was exposed in many different ways and she liked the feeling of letting him in.

Addison felt Marcus's heavy breathing and the occasional murmur of her name in her ear as he engulfed her. She had never felt this way about anyone and tonight she knew that she had fallen deeply for the man moving above her. She had opened herself up to him in a way that she had never done for anyone.

Marcus looked down at the glistening woman underneath him. He watched as tiny beads of sweat from his own body dripped onto hers. He was looking into her heavy lidded eyes and could see the pleasure clouding her sparkling irises. He knew his eyes mirrored hers and he didn't care. All he cared about was the feeling that had been welling in his chest for her ever since the day they had stumbled upon each other, Or rather, "ran into" each other.

Her dark curls had turned into long tangled waves from their heated love making. She was so damn beautiful and he had never seen a woman quite like her before...


Marcus hadn't ever dared to mention this to her but he knew of her before their little coffee incident. He had seen her working hard behind the counter of the little coffee shop numerous times. The first time he had seen her was just a mere glimpse of her from the window as he was passing by. She was laughing and smiling brightly and it hit him from even outside the coffee shop.

The next morning Marcus decided to go in and find out who this beautiful woman was. Unfortunately she was absent from the coffee shop that day. Marcus had asked around and quickly found out her name.

Marcus being, well, Marcus, hired an investigator to find out more about her. He was able to learn almost everything about her. She had a mother who was not in the picture. She had worked many part time jobs and she got good grades during her high school years. Marcus noticed that she had not applied for any colleges. He thought this odd since it appeared that it had almost been over five years since she graduated from high school.

Marcus was not very surprised after learning about her living conditions. What amused him was that the place she was staying at in the area of the land he owned. Everything was just too easy, he thought. Marcus had originally planned to drop the whole matter and forget about her because after all she was a silly little girl.

As time went on Marcus began to realize he could not get her out of his head. It was ridiculous really. He had other matters to tend too and the distraction of this girl was unsettling and he needed to put a stop to it. Marcus then decided that he needed to go talk to this Addison girl who had been controlling his thoughts. He knew once he got her in his bed his thoughts for her would vanish and everything would go back to normal. He was amused because he knew that as soon as she saw him that she would be begging for his attention just like all the others. Women were all the same to him. Boring and needy.

Marcus arrived at the coffee shop and watched as she slipped into the back. He cursed under his breath and glanced at his watch. It was almost four but not quite. He had also managed to obtain her work schedule. She worked nearly every day and even had a few days with double hours. He knew it was not time for her to get off yet. He took a seat near the door and decided to wait. He would get her in his bed if it took weeks.


Marcus reflected of what he had felt just a month ago to the emotions he was feeling now. He really had grown to love this girl. It was unplanned and unwelcoming at first but he could no longer conceal his feelings. He felt a pang of guilt in his heart as he heard her call out his name once more, but his intentions were different now.

She was not just some prize meant to be won anymore. She was much, much, more than that. He brought his lips down to hers and groaned when her tongue begged for entry. He held her tightly and felt his chest tighten.

Marcus really did love her. He never would let her go. It would kill him to see her go. The thought of her dining with that man sent him over the edge. He had never felt such irritation and panic as he did when she agreed to dine with him. Marcus could feel a smirk coming on as he thought of whatever his name was, eating alone. Addison was his and only his. Marcus doesn't share.


He jumped up when he saw her hurrying from behind the counter. Her hair was usually tied up into a long black pony tail, but now it trailed down her back. His chest ached and he suddenly felt an unwelcoming pressure near his belt. She was walking rather fast and she was juggling a coffee, phone and her purse with one hand. He knew she would rush past him if he didn't stop her somehow.

He watched as droplets from her coffee were running down the side from her fast movements and he had an idea. He didn't know what would happen after the fact, but he was willing to try anything to calm his inner beast. Next thing he knew he had casually stepped in front of her. She was looking down and didn't seen to notice his presence yet. As soon as she looked up she had collided with his hard chest. He felt his suit become damp and that's when he started up the charade. What surprised him most was when she ran off without even giving him second glance. He would just have to work a little harder, he thought to himself.


Marcus rolled off of her and closed his eyes. He was feeling so much at once. Addison snuggled into his chest and he could feel her eye lashes brushing against his chest. Eventually he felt her close her eyes and her breathing became heavy. He lightly caressed her soft skin. Marcus lightly kissed the top of her head and whispered so softly into her ear, "I love you Addie. You are mine and only mine."

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