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~ Justin ~

I watch as she walks down the street. Her hair swaying with the wind

I sip my drink admiring her.

She's so beautiful

When can she be mine?

She opens the door to the shop

A dress shop.

Why is she going in there?

~ Selena ~

I walk to town, I walk down the street to the dress shop.

I open the door and admire the dresses all along the walls and stands.

A tall lady with blonde hair greets me.

"Hello and welcome to Ariana's dress boutique."

I smile.


Blonde:"How may I help you?"

"Well i was wondering if you had any dresses for prom. I don't really know what to get I've never been before."

She nods.
Blonde:"Wait here and I'll come back with some dresses. "

I nod and sit on the little couch. I look around the shop they're wasn't many people in here. I push my glasses up and put a strand of hair behind one ear.

The lady comes back with so many dresses she tells me to go in the dressing room. She hands them up and stay if I need any help her name is Taylor.

I close the door and look at the first dress. It's red and short. I take off my shirt and pants. Then slip in the dress. I zip it up and look in the mirror. I tilt my head. Then shake it no.


So I finally finished and chose a.... (We're going to save it for later)

I pay and walk out the store. Prom honestly isn't till a few months but I wanted to get it now. I grab the bag and walk out the doors.

~ Justin ~

I see her walk out the doors with a bag. Did she buy a dress?

I throw out my empty cup and run across the street. Deciding if I should talk to her or not.

What if I bump into her again!

Her heads down. I walk right into her and she falls backwards but I grab a hold of her arm before she does. She looks scared.


She's still looking down.

She apologized for something she didn't do?!

She stand straight and almost walked past me

Not this time.

"Hey you're Selena"

She looks up and she wearing glasses. She looks cute.

"How did you know that?"

I smile.

"We've been going to school since like 3rd grade."

She nods her head.

~ Selena ~

"We've been going to the same school since 3rd grade"

I nod my head. How does he remember me. I mean he became this popular guy "the one everyone loves". You know the guy every girl wants and every guy wants to be"

"How do you remember me?"
I fix my glasses.

"How could I forget you?"
He raises an eyebrow.

I shrug.
"No one knows who I am"

"I do"
He smiles

"Why are you talking to me, I'd thus some kind of j-joke?"

I look around starting to panic.

"No nothing like that. I would never"
He steps closer.

My breathing becomes heavy.

"No I promise it's not a joke or anything"

"Do you really promise Justin?!"

That was a difficult word for me. When someone " promised" Me something it didn't turn out so well for me.

My father promises me things all the time....like he'll stop drinking..that's not going so well. He'll promise he'll stop hitting me and telling me things. My grandparents promise they'll come see me soon but they are having issues with their papers. So I'm stuck here with him.

"I promise"
I looked right into his eyes. He looked right into mine.

I stepped back.

"I need to go." I try to walk past him again.


I turn back.

"I'll see you at school" He smiles.

I nod and turn back.

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