You Are My Sunshine

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Jyushimatsu never told anyone this, but every Friday he'd visit the areas that he and Homura used to hang out, before she left. It was a thing he liked to do, because he liked to relive everything they've done while they were together.

He made his way to the area outside of Sutabaa, where he had met her that one last time. He held his breath as he went over to the seats. He exhaled shakily, and his sadness was obvious.

He sat down in one of the twin chairs, imagining her there with him, laughing at his infamous water trick. Oh, how he missed her smile. How he missed being the one that made her smile.

He looked over at the empty seat in front of him for what seemed like hours. He decided to check out the other areas while the night was still young, and left a few moments later.

Upon walking around, he noticed a small lake that was located near the bridge that Karamatsu liked to hang out at. The lake that he and Homura rode a boat on. He had accidentally dropped the paddles into the water once, and used his hands instead in order to mimick the once lost object's main purpose. She didn't even mind when he almost tipped the boat over. She only laughed and smiled some more.

Jyushimatsu looked down to the ground as he remembered her contagious smile. He would do anything if he could just see it once again. Anything.

He missed her. Her laugh, her voice, her everything. And he'd probably never see her, or her smile ever again.

He then passed even more various locations. The ocean, where he had prevented her from committing suicide, he cared so much for her, that he had even risked drowning to save her life.

A tree, where he had done some more tricks for her on, the carnival, where they shared unforgettable memories at. He still had their photo booth pictures in his hoodie's pocket.

By the time he was done, he started walking home. His heart ached, even though he had a smile on his face, it was entirely fake.

That was it. He fell onto both of his knees and started sobbing. He pulled out the photo booth pictures and sniffed, wet tears coming in contact with the images, the tear drops running right off of the edges, a small waterfall plummeting towards the ground with a soft plop.

He looked at the pictures again, his eyes now puffy and red. It was the first time that Jyushi had ever been in love, and it was also the first time that he had ever gotten his heart ripped in two.

He continued to stare at the images.

"I love you, H-Homura-Chan.." He spoke out in between sobs to no one in particular. "M-Muscle.. muscle.." He sobbed some more. "..Hustle hustle.." He tried to cheer himself up by saying his catchphrase.

Suddenly, he got an unexpected response. Surely he was not expecting for someone to repeat his previous words. Let alone, not a very familiar voice, at that.

"I love you too, Jyushimatsu." A feminine voice was heard from behind him, making him jump.

He immediately realized who it was and twisted around.

"H-Homura-Chan!" He spoke in disbelief, and utter joy. His excitement got the better of him as he bounced over to her at incredible hyperactive speeds.

She smiled and nodded in response, verifying his words. Jyushimatsu practically ran her over and engulfed her into a tackle-hug.

She giggled, and hugged him back. "I love you, too." She repeated.

You are my sunshine..

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