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A/N: A few things, Josh and Riley are not related in this story. There are going to be several things that are different in comparison to the TV show but eh, it's a fanfiction right? Lol. Either way I hope you guys enjoy this as much as i'm enjoying writing it. *Insert evil laugh*. 


Rogue- a dishonest or unprincipled man.

Rogue- a large wild animal that is driven away from the herd and having savage like and destructive tendencies.

Rogue- a person whose behavior one disproves of but is nonetheless likable.

I'm a rogue.

Unfortunately none of the above definitions quite sum up my state of being. I don't consider myself dishonest, I am a large animal who is also partly human and I do live away from my pack, I was not driven away. But I don't think I have destructive tendencies unless I'm provoked and defending myself. Since I am a rogue lots of people disprove of my behavior, but those who don't know I'm a rogue... mostly humans-like me.

As stated previously I was not driven away from my pack. I left on my own accord and for good reason, reasons that you will not be hearing. At least not at this point in my story. At this point in my story I'm going to tell you who I am and why one stupid idiotic law that was passed inevitably changed my entire life.

I'm Maya daughter of Kermit and Katy of the Crescent Moon Pack. How ya' doin'? I left the Crescent Moon Pack when I was 12 years old and if I ever return it will be kicking and screaming. At 18 years old I'm living on the outskirts of the Twilight Pack in essentially rogue territory which is land that has not been claimed by any pack and is free for wolves such as myself to roam around. Like I was saying I have an apartment and job that both reside on the edges of their territory and even though they know I'm there, or at least I'm assuming so because how could they not, they've left me alone.

It wasn't until last week when our governing body also known as 'Sapiente Wolves'- which is a stupid name if you ask me it's Latin for 'Wise Wolves'- passed a law stating that all wolves, whether in a pack or a rogue must go to school for at least one year if you are 18 years of age or younger. They said it is to bring about unity and socialization, in reality it's just a way for them to keep tabs on the rogues and finding out how many of us there are, seeing as any child within a pack would already be in school. Not that I necessarily mind going to school, I like to learn and I consider myself smart, I've homeschooled myself with textbooks that human teenagers I work with bring. If there was a school that was outside of pack limits and on rogue territory I would have gone, but now that the law is enacted I can roam peacefully on their land without repercussions, at least during a specific set of hours. "So you're going to school now?" I smile at my co-worker Darby and agree, "Why all of a sudden do you want to go to school? I mean you're 18."

I chuckle and shrug my shoulders I've already practiced a lie, "I wanted at least 1 year of experience in a public school." In other words I don't have much of a choice in the matter because I'm a werewolf and what the leaders say, goes. "Either way, my shift is over with. I'll see you later Darby." I step outside in the cool September air and inhale deeply. Though I'm only 2 feet away from the diner, the smell of grease and future diabetes has evaded my senses and is replaced with pine as I meander back towards my apartment.

'I want to run'

That is my wolf, though we live in the same body she has a mind of her own. She's as feisty and stubborn as I and that's my favorite part about her. Hardly ever do we disagree but on the off chance we do she tends to win, 'Okay 20 minutes'

I have school tomorrow after all. Her tail is up in the air and wagging uncontrollably, we don't get out and run as much as we'd like to but at the same time it's dangerous. A good portion of rogues are violent and cruel, which means I've had to kill to live and though I don't regret it I don't necessarily want to provoke it. After hiding behind a tree I quickly strip my clothes and begin to shift into my wolf. A few snaps and broken bones later and I'm on all fours. She's the color of my hair, blonde with a little bit of honey. There are a few black spots on my fur, the tips of my ears and one paw is solid black, I find her beautiful.

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