Unsaved Numbers

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I was going to go back to Grannys but a nigga was stressed to the max. I decided to head back to the crib so I could relax.

When I got there I saw Nico wasn't home. Good cause I don't feel like hearing his shit right now.

I went to the bathroom and started some bath water. My head was all fucked up. How could Deanna say that shit about Anirah though? And it's not like Nugget is a bad kid. She's smart and very polite. I'd kick her lil ass if she wasn't. I just don't get it.

I left out grabbing my weed and a pre-roll off the dresser.
I sat on the edge of the tub and grinded the kush down to get it ready for the second blunt. Yea. Ya boy needed 2 blunts right now.

I rolled it up and licked it closed. Grabbed my lighter to put some heat on it to seal and took my cloths off. The jets on the bath felt good on my skin. I lit the pre-rolled blunt first.
Inhaled deep and blew it out slow. About half way through my phone vibrated. I answered on speaker.

??- Hey daddy are you busy. I wanna come see you.
H- Who is this?

I paused. The bitch number wasn't saved so I must have fucked and ducked her. I really couldn't recall who she was. I guess if I fucked her once she must be bad. Plus I needed some ass right now so i'll play along like I know her.

H-Oh hey lil mama. I'm sorry I got a new phone
J- That's ok. Can I come see you? I'm really needing some help.

I knew exactly what that meant.

H: Yeah ma I'll give you what you need. Come though the spot.
J: ok I'm on my way out.
H: Arigh

After the phone call ended I started on the second blunt. The T.H.C from the first one was working its magic but like I said ya boy was stressin.
I heard a knock on the door. I got out the tub and wrapped a towel around myself. I didn't bother drying off.

I opened the door to see a bad little shawty. When I saw her my memory came back. I had fucked her in the back of my truck one night after me and my boys left the club. I didn't remember giving her my number though. It didn't matter cause she was about to get this work.

"Come on in beautiful. Don't just stand and stare at me." I smiled and invited her in. By the way she looked at me I knew she was ready.

She went to sit on the couch and I stopped her "Nah lil lady you know what's up. Come get in this bed."

"Oh..okay daddy." Yeah I was feelin' that daddy shit. As she walked past me I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her jacket to the floor. She had on a thin dress. I smacked her ass and she sucked in air through her teeth. I pulled her back by her ponytail. "Yeah you like that shit don't you."


"Yes what bitch." I pulled more.

"Yes Daddyyy." she moaned out. Mhm. Right where I wanted her. I let her go and waved for her to get on the bed. She laid down and I wasted no time getting her cloths off. She was sexy as fuck. Smooth skin, long black weave and a ass that didn't quit. She wasn't skinny either. She has a stomach on her cause that the way I liked um. Thick and juicy.

I leaned over her and she tried to kiss me. I put my hand over her lips. "Uh un girl the only thing you kissin is this dick."

I pulled her up and positioned her in front of me. I pulled my towel down and shoved myself in her mouth. It was just what a nigga needed. She was trying to be a little virgin about it though and it was starting to irritate me. "Girl suck this dick like it's yo last. Quit playin' with my shit."

I grabbed the back of her head and wrapped the ponytail around my fingers. I made a fist and pushed her mouth down my shaft.

"Ahh yeah there you go. Use them pretty lips you got girl."

She sucked me for a few more minutes until she started choking. I smacked her cheek. "All fours now."

She got up and bent over. All that ass in the air made my dick even harder. I grabbed a condom and slipped it on. I definitely wasn't gone raw dog a hoe. I got behind her and smacked her ass again leaving a hand print. "Beg for it." she looked back at me and mumbled somethin but I couldn't hear her. And by this time my high had taken full effect.

I smacked it again. Harder. "What I say bitch!! Beg!!!"

"Please give me that dick I need ittt!" She cried out.

"Please who?"

"Please Daddy."

"Oh Arigh that's what I thought."

I grabbed her hips and slid inside her soaked pussy. It wasn't super tight but it was good enough for a nut. Plus she could take all of it so she got points for that. I started to give her long strokes and her body was already shaking. I grabbed her roughly and pumped her shit to pieces. She started screaming in ecstasy and it was breaking my focus along with blowing my fuckin' high.

I turned her over on her back and pushed her legs back with one hand. I grabbed her throat with the other one. I ain't wanna kill her just shut her up a lil bit. I was fuckin this girls brains out and she was lovin every minute of it. Next thing I knew my dick was pushed out by a gush of juices. She squirted all over my sheets.

"Ahhh fuck. You gone have to make up for that."

She couldn't even respond to me, her body writhing in pleasure. I grabbed her to the edge of the bed and fucked her hard as shit. I reached over and grabbed my phone off the pillow.

"Ughh fuck bitch come here." I pressed record and pulled her down off the bed as I sprayed my kids all over her face and chest. She was in a dazed. I probably fucked her into a high. I know what I'm doin in these sheets.

I put my phone down and went to the bathroom to get her a wet rag. I threw it on her face making her jump a little. She cleaned up and sat on the bed. I looked at her. "Uh don't get comfy cause you gotta bounce."

"Damn can I have a minute to get together."

"Shit yea but that's all you get is a minute. Literally." I grabbed the unfinished blunt and lit it.

She kissed her teeth at me and got up stumbling to get her cloths on. I had busted the bitch pussy so good she was walking like bambi. "You not gone walk me to the door?" She asked with a puzzled look.

"You found ya way in. It's the same way out shawty."

"Bye asshole." She left and I heard the front door slam.

I shrugged my shoulders. Shidd she wasn't hurting my feelings at all. I got my nut for the night.

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